Wounded, but not surrendered

Wounded, but not surrenderedListening to the quiet unhurried speech sitting in front of me a man, I take pains to look from the horrible purple scar perecherknuvshy bottom of his tummy. Could not. Scalpel military doctors kept Alexis KOVYLINA life. The bullet passed through him, and would this life away. A burning rigors of August 96th he was lucky a couple of times. Even when badly wounded. Lucky that enough ammunition to fend off the brutal "spirits" lucky that the fire from his already bleeding, took guys lucky that survived.

The main luck at the moment would be for him to return to military service. Kovylina of the reserve forces, recognizing not fit on three counts. After such injuries do not serve — was the verdict of cardboard pedants. To Kovylin returned to the army, to permit private-chief. Only he able to "break" the rules of paper.

Alex did not give up. States that will go on and achieve that is very willing to serve. Me for this optimism seemed easy uncertainty. Although the break man who has passed IS, for sure, hard. Well, give Kovylin can not — not to teach in the special forces. But that's the insidiousness of the quagmire of endless bureaucratic corridors that they can absorb all hope, at least some patience.

Exactly one year ago in Chechnya came that the media received a disk imaging neutral title "August operations in Grozny." Do not be, I think, to explain what they were for the country than they were for the troops than they have for everyone who took part in them. The August "watershed" sweeping stroke of the war has divided into two parts. As the fate Kovylina 1st of many. And the prepositions "before" and "after" for him are now quite certain sense.

I listened to it a measured and steady story that was "before". And the question: 'Why do we have for such a homeland, if throwing kids of their own who sacrificed for her sake, for the sake of duty, their health, and often just yourself? "- Always tortured me when I addressed what has become a" post- . "

The last trooper, Sergeant Alex Kovylin served in the part that protects the Kalinin nuclear power station. Platoon of special forces. The quiet town of Power malehankih with beautiful Russian title Udomlya rumble fighting in Chechnya Distant reached only via television. In part it did not feel too — such specificity services that the war did not send anyone. Protection of the peaceful atom — is also the case naiserezneyshee. Every person on the account. But all the same, and this part of the Chechen had to open the page of their own history.

After learning about emerging in Moscow 101st brigade of internal troops, four young men filed a report about the desire to join its ranks. One of them was Kovylin. Satisfied the report. Homes Alexei remained pregnant wife …

In Chechnya Kovylin became an ensign, a platoon commander Special Forces — officers fucking missed. War is always a half-step ahead of … Some time was a senior in the protection of the brigade commander. Was wound with him everywhere, but felt — it's not for him. That's not why Kovylin came on Chechen soil. A couple of times asked the brigade commander to release to another position. More militant and assessed their ability to benefit health. I knew that it would be of great utility to the team, to little brothers, if fighting will work in earnest. The brigade commander was in no hurry to let go. Appreciated.

In May, Alex managed to go on holiday to his wife — a daughter. When he returned, though was able to achieve transfer to reconnaissance assault company. The case has gone, though not as rapidly as we would like. August actions he met in such a state that's crotch … First, going on vacation in August.

August 5th, in the evening, Alex returned to operation, passed the gun, walkie-talkie. Selling papers were absolutely decorated. Departure planned for August 6-7 …

Of early in the morning of the 6th Brigade Commander Kovylina summoned to go and put the puzzle in the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Chechen Republic.

The situation was tense in the ministry to the maximum. No one really could not explain. Soon the town started shooting. The minister, meanwhile left for North Airport. Alexei was at the disposal of the Deputy Minister.

Dawn. The streets were deserted. Shot is quite close to the building. After a while he ran to KOVYLINA observer, reported that sees the movement of numerous armed men in front of the house. Alexei decided to open fire on the militants until they had time to gain a foothold in adjacent houses with the Interior Ministry, where they would have been prepared in advance of ammunition, weapons, food.

By the middle of the men shot the whole day or ammunition taken from them. And they absolutely had to be tight, if not the ammunition depot in the ministry.
Further ammunition tried to keep, spend only on certain targets. And spent well — despite the fact that building was in a dense ring of Chechens and sometimes the distance between the attacking and the defending there were only a few meters of the 10-s, take the "citadel" with a dozen fighters and defenders could not. A patron realize that we can only hope for themselves. There was no help either in the first or in the second or in the following days are. In the hot August 96th in the severity of all our was tight, but no one gave up …

Voice Alexey Kovylin:
— Sixth, after the first severe attack came a lull. I uttered, causing the deputy minister. His name I can not remember, but we all called him Dad. I carefully told him their opinions on the upcoming defense. He had a cell phone and he has permitted me to call home. Phoned my mother to work. And she already knows everything. On TV news announced the challenging environment in severity. Mother cries, I try to reassure her, saying that number is on vacation, that will come soon, everything is fine. I remember the conversation ended already on the move, since the fighting began. We went with the Deputy Minister of the patio. On the reverse side of the square, in the post office building, anchored "spirits" and digging for us. I am very worried that the mother did not hear shots, covered up by the hand and tried to end the conversation quickly as possible …

Militants still did not lose hope to take the building where slaves were kept Kovylina. Attack followed the attack. Okay, what the guys rear was covered — in standing near the buildings of the Ministry of the Federal Security Service, the Coordination Centre and Government House are also ours.

Rescued besides that stretches in front of the house concrete wall with loopholes. If it was not, the large windows on the lower floor is unlikely to have a good hiding place for the fighter. First days of fiery whirlwind in a continuous roar of people have forgotten about the blandness. Not that lie down, sit down once was.

The defenders in the building of the Interior Ministry lucky. Has been in contact with their. One node was in the ministry (of him Alex at one point in the first days are able to communicate with the team), the other — a focal point, but to get there was more difficult: it was necessary to run along the street and fired a 2-party militants . Kovylin running, contacted her, reported on the situation on its "strong point". In one of the sessions learned that in the first day the fighting on the 13th checkpoint commander had died and another 27 people, that's been around
for a number of days for them can not break out of the brigade, pick up the wounded and the dead. Learned that team one hundred percent blocked, which is also the area Minute stubbornly fighting our little brother. Completely forgot about the holiday and realized one thing: you can not go under any circumstances. Although the deputy asked Kovylina a departure. 9th of August, in one of the most difficult days, when it seemed that the forces on the final cut off Alex: "Waste not, we will."

In the basement, which often went down the "expert", there were many civilians. Fearfully clung to the walls, stunned by the roar of explosions and gunfire. Very afraid that their children will leave, go away, it is not believed that the commandos will be held. And the men brought in a basement somewhere extracted canned meat and water. Virtually all to children, the elderly, for myself leaving a little.

9th, on the fourth day of defense, it was very hard. Kovylina very shell-shocked. Own a mine. War is war. On the Coordination Center somehow managed to pass the coordinates of defending and artillery brigade tried to promote. A couple of times successfully mines exploded at the post office occupied by the insurgents. Later, tears began to approach the building of the Interior Ministry. One of the mines slammed right into the wall of the house. Kovylin and several of his children were in foster minister. Near the window to the street and there was an explosion. 80 cm to the left — and a hell of a blank torn straight into a room with people. And so … From the window flew steel grille covered with shards of receiving bricks. Alexis was thrown to the ground. In the red-brown cloud of brick dust scurried guys. Commander took to the street, began to pour water. When he came to, he saw that the house is burning government.

"Spirits" set it on fire from 2-"Bumble." And so it was that for an unusual, almost indescribable chance (or maybe it just was not an accident), they are trapped in a room where ammunition was stored. Fire, which began on the upper floors, very quickly — in any half-hour — all enveloped building. The one who had it off, ran to the KOVYLINA and Coordination Center. In defense of the whole complex of government buildings went stark gap.

At night the defenders to the Interior Ministry in the building broke through two tanks of the 205th Brigade of the Ministry of Defense. Two out of 20 on their way to a breakthrough. And it was a good revenues. Unfortunately, one of the cars of the village, "belly" near on a concrete ledge, and that she did not get the militants Kovylin shot her with a grenade launcher.

Says Alex Kovylin:
— "Spirits" we constantly yelled, "Give it up." They promised to life the men, well, officers and warrant officers, of course not. We do not give up. From time to time they yelled, asking what we are fighting. (Longish pause). For men maimed, killed for …

12th, closer to noon, my fighters produced here and half a bucket of water. I even washed the head, waist obmylsya. As a born anew. Again there was a fight, after the end of the day or has subsided. I ran on KC to contact with his, as even a day or so did not contact. I was injured on the way to the last step, when the gates remained quite a bit. Most likely worked sniper. Was a large-caliber bullet. Passed through, broke my leg, and at an outreach arm, which was holding a gun. At first I felt a dull thud, and later a second sharp pain, apparently, immediately touched a nerve. I was lying and cursing. I was sure that will finish. Place something completely open. Could not crawl, the lower part of the body numb. But the two men took me out. I do not know how they managed it, then at me was ninety-five kilograms, and they guys are not athletic build. Made three injections promedola — did not help, I poured half a cup of vodka, and, apparently, from the loss of blood I passed out. Blood suspend does not go. Harness did not help. I had to cram a tampon in the hole with 2-sides. They took me to the basement of KC, where the wounded were many.

On the same day at 5 o'clock we broke into the home Hankala. There were already wounded from the first day or. They loaded us into the 131st ZIL, indoor tent, and support was given two APCs and children — special forces unit of the "Rus". On the way to destroy the driver. I lay there and waited for the end. Bullets thrashed on the sides of the road was very broken and every pothole pain just pierced.
Later, hospital beds — Vladikavkaz, Rostov-on-Don, Moscow.

The mother found out that I was wounded, August 16. I was discharged on February 10.

…At the moment, Alex is necessary to transfer another operation. Final. Previously, he made them for 10. While he was with his mother, wife, little daughter Yulia, which is one and a half years old. Since the statement went to his home 101 Brigade couple of times. The first time it was sent on leave in the hope that during this period of time the question of its forthcoming service venture is positive. Arriving in part to the second time, I heard that it can not give up. IHC is no arguing against. But paid the required funds. Anything, as insurance for injury has not yet been received. Cardboard carousel, in which circled his documents, can not the brakes.

Kovylin somehow went to the local draft board to ask what benefits are put to him as a member of the fighting in Chechnya, as he adjusted a disability pension. But nothing coherent response is not heard. Does not that painfully familiar situation?
Do not put the payment alarmed by Alexei most. The main thing for him — again to serve. And here he came across a fortified wall of human callousness. Again, a piece of paper is more important than the person. Specific, not abstract. Here he is alive, with no small luggage Prof. abilities, and is says, "Take me." And in response: "We have no right." The fact that at the moment he is still recovering from injury — no excuse. With his persistence, desire to be of service to the Motherland, with its rapidly quenching it will fall into line.

The last brigade commander of the 101st, going once to visit us, the military journalists, many of the names of those who passed the flame of Chechnya, recalled his "boss" of protection. About Alexey KOVYLINA. From him we first heard about this guy. The brigade commander said briefly (and his word is worth): "A real man!"

The private part of the former, of which 101 went to the brigade, he, too, we all remember. From the commander to everyday appliances. Know and his desire to serve. And happy to create Alexis at home. Even a "hold" a few empty seats. We trust that in Moscow he still dares to question. Do not believe that these people can throw.

FROM THE EDITOR. The fate of Alexei Kovylina not leave indifference "Brotherhood" maroon berets "," Hero ". Management Association has taken the decision of questions commando under his control. Like to see in the internal troops was not crossed off the list of personnel in perpetuity. "Big Brother" has come back to the fate of Alexis.

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