Wozniak: The conditions in the KGB detention center — an inhuman

Sergei Wozniak, who on Saturday was released from the "American" on bail, described the conditions of his detention in the remand prison of the KGB.

"41 days I was in a horrible, brutal conditions. As a cell designed for two persons were 4-5. Extremely repressive regime institutions. After sitting there, you can in two months in court to admit to anything, even in the Kennedy assassination. And I was very afraid: for the court to again get into the prison, the man simply can incriminate himself. So I'm very glad I was free. It is outrageous that in the twenty-first century as the state treat citizens whose guilt has not yet proved by the court. "

Sergei Wozniak can not leave the borders of Minsk, but he, unlike Irina Khalip and Vladimir Neklyaeva, can go out, talk to people, to use the media. The only thing that he is forbidden — to report on the case file.

Wozniak abvianvachany in the case of riots Dec. 19 2009and in Minsk.

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