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Memory Pavluk Urbana (1924-2011), a historian, a member of Radio Liberty.

— Well, again, made mistakes, look! — Pavljuk recklessly continues his record, which leads over the years, listening to the broadcast of "Freedom."

Each time over more than fifteen years old when I went to his house on the outskirts of Munich, watching the same scene: on the coffee table a stack of new books, two shortwave receivers, an old typewriter, journals, letters. The owner listens to "Free" daily, takes notes and does not miss the possibility of inaccuracies sarcastic, but generally approve.

— Well, look what has come! — In the new literature, as well as to support research in Belarus, he donates half of the pension. On the table are tavstsennyya tomes with the history of Europe and of the ancient world in different languages, bookmarks, notes author on dozens of pages — it is important, it is not clear, it is arguable ridiculous.

— Well, we will update now! — In Pavluk not have a computer, but there is a library, which occupies the ground floor, full of books, most of which are not on the Internet. The pre-war encyclopedias, filing hundreds of books in Belarusian, Russian, Polish, German, rare editions — the air smells of academic wisdom.

— Once invited, but no go! — Pavljuk — support homebody. Invitations to the conference with the passage of time he ceased to send, to the Belarusian holidays he is invited regularly, but for ten years he won the most persistent and never leaves.

— Janka wrote called Irk, Larissa came. — The three — his inner circle to the outside world — does not change from year to year. The oldest member of the Janka Zaprudnik lives in America and gently sends letters, daughter Irene, which he is most proud of his books, traveling the world and calls regularly, Larissa Veras with which they were married, when both worked on "Freedom", comes in advedki.

— Gather up all the mushrooms and throw — radiation! — Says Paul, he loves solitude and silence, for a major operation every day walking in the woods, but the last couple of years have not selected risks far.

— Where do I go, what? I now come to the book, a manuscript to finish it! — Says, as always opinionated, and Pavljuk and remains at his home on the outskirts of Munich, where the windows are blooming roses, smell pine, apple greens, and he deploys the page fills a white sheet in the printer turns on the lamp and writes, writes, writes …

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