WWF asks to forest management at the federal level in Primorye

Director of the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) Russia Igor Chestin said on the last Monday in the RIA Novosti news conference on the need to delegate the management of forests in the Maritime region on the federal level, in order to save the forests of the region.

"Our report shows that the Primorye fully coped with delegated powers in terms of forest management. Thus, these powers should immediately pick up on the federal level to restore order," — said the director of the foundation.

Estimated to WWF, in the Primorsky Territory in 2012 was cut down more than 900 thousand cubic meters related to valuable species of oak, though the year is not permitted to cut down more than 450 thousand cubic meters. Illegal lesodobycha deprives ungulate prey, reducing their numbers, which directly affects the population of a Red tiger.

"The forest is completely absent control. As control system has been destroyed, so it was not possible to recover. Must return to the forest inspector, which there are not. This, in our opinion, one of the major issues," — said the expert.

Other forest-Maritime head of the fund called the lack of responsibility of the forest tenants for what happens on their site, and logging of valuable trees under the guise of thinning or removal of trees, preventing the growth of the best breeds. Thus, WWF suspects that in some cases, tenants turn a blind eye to the "black loggers" on its territory, in order to subsequently outbid their timber. It is believed that it allows tenants to procure more wood around the prescribed amount of logging.

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