WWF began collecting signatures for a ban on logging in protected forests

Earth Hour, which this year will take place on March 23, will be marked by collecting signatures to ban on commercial logging in protected forests, environmentalists are hoping for 100,000 Russians vote for the necessary amendments to the Forest Code, according to the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) Russia .

"In 2009-2010, the legal basis for a special regime of protection forests has been changed, and for the first time in 70 years they have become the industry to cut. In 2013, WWF plans to solve the problem in law — to save valuable protection forests across Russia, which at serious risk, and places are already actively being cut down, often under the guise of thinning "- said the WWF.

As highlighted in the report, with WWF have successful experience as an important federal law was passed after a mass signature collection — so, during the campaign, Earth Hour 2012, more than 120 thousands of Russians voted for the law on the protection of the seas from oil pollution. The law was passed by the Parliament in December 2012.

There seventeen categories of protected forests, among them — forest protection zones, nut-fishing zones, mountain forests, near-tundra forests, green areas and parks, urban forests, spawning timber. Protective forests account for almost a quarter of the total forest area of Russia. Their important function — to keep the country's key resources: fresh water, fertile soils, stable climate and clean air.

"Earth Hour" was first held in Sydney in March 2007, on the initiative of WWF. In 2008, it was attended for more than 50 million people from more than 270 cities in 35 countries. In 2012, the "Earth Hour" took place in all time zones and 150 countries, reaching 6.5 thousand cities. The 2013 event will be in Russia for the fifth time.

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