WWF has collected signatures calling restrict fishing in Europe

The World Wildlife Fund (WWF) handed a petition to the European parliamentarians to protect fish resources in Europe, signed by 150,000 Europeans, according to WWF.

Previously, experts WWF said that the current supply of 70% of the species of fish that were caught in the seas and oceans of Europe, have been exhausted. Fishing nullified Mediterranean stocks of bluefin tuna and Atlantic cod.

"Today, WWF sent to parliament signature 150,000 European citizens collected in the online campaign" Stop emptying our oceans, "- said in a statement.

As noted fund, people demand reform in the field of fisheries and calls for the end to appease the interests of the fishing industry.

"In the near future to come to a revolving system of fishery resources and to stop" predatory "fishing" — says WWF.

In 2008, the European authorities have stated on measures for recovery of cod populations. In addition, in July 2011, the European Commission has started to develop a new policy on fisheries, but, according to environmentalists, concrete steps to deal is not reached.

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