WWF looks forward to the establishment of three natsparkovv Russia in 2013

The day reserve World Wildlife Fund (WWF) Russia is confident that in 2013 the country will have three national parks — "Beringia" in Chukotka, "Shantarsky island" in the Sea of Okhotsk, "Onega Pomerania" in Arkhangelsk region as well as one reserve — Ingermanlandsky — in the Leningrad region, the fund reported.

Day of national parks in Russia is celebrated on January 11 every year since 1997 on the initiative of WWF Russia and the Biodiversity Conservation Center. It was January 11, 1917 in the north-eastern shore of Lake Baikal was created oldest Russian Barguzin reserve. The purpose of its creation was to restore the number of sable.

"Based on what has already been done, we believe that the establishment of three national parks and one nature reserve this year in Russia is quite real," — told RIA Novosti the program coordinator for the Protected Areas WWF Russia Polina Zhbanov.

Save pinnipeds

According to the source agency, most likely the first to be created by the National Park "Beringia", which appears in the eastern part of the Chukchi Peninsula and will be called upon to save a rare species of animals, such as the Pacific walrus, polar bear, bighorn sheep, and cultural monuments Eskimos and Chukchi.

"In the National Park" Beringia "draft of a government that has been finalized. Now it is under consideration in the government. So all the papers have been collected, to receive any additional documents no longer needed. Remains to lawyers to find out what was happening, and project of the National Park will be ready for signing, "- said Zhbanov.

Appearance of the National Park "Shantarsky island" in the Sea of Okhotsk, where pinniped rookeries, live sable, bear, ermine, and where you can see whales, the agency interlocutor expected until the second half of 2013. However, the chairman of the Committee for Environmental Protection Ministry of Natural Resources of the Khabarovsk Krai Victor Bardyuk said Friday that "all necessary approvals at the federal level will be completed by the summer of this year."

Long construction

National Park "Onega Pomorie" had to be created in the period from 2001 to 2010, but the preparatory documents were not ready in time. Therefore, the project has entered a new national park concept development of specially protected natural territories of the Russian Federation for the period from 2011 to 2020.

In May 2011, the former management of the Arkhangelsk region in the Ministry of Natural Resources sent a letter asking to exclude from the already agreed boundaries of the park area of 25 000 hectares of forest (with a total area of 180 thousand hectares) to build a development program of the Solovetsky Islands. However, in early 2012, after the change of leadership of a group of scientists and conservationists asked the new governor Igor Orlov to review the project, which was done. Thus, the area of the park, which is designed to preserve the traditional way of life of the Pomeranian coast villages of the Onega Bay of the White Sea, has not been reduced.

After coming Ingermanlandsky reserve in the Leningrad region, which will include nine sites covering 17.9 thousand hectares and will preserve the unique island complex in the central part of the Gulf, is the White Sea-Baltic flyway. It connects the places birds wintering in Africa and Western Europe, with nesting sites in northern Russia. The creation of this reserve also delayed due to the need to harmonize all the documents with the tenants on the islands, explained the representative of WWF Russia.

Today in Russia there are 102 reserves and 43 national park, as well as more than 12 thousand national parks, game reserves, natural monuments and other areas protected by the federal or regional level. They are a safe habitat for these unique species as the Amur tiger, the Amur leopard, snow leopard, White-naped crane, and many others.

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