Yandex radically changes its interface and search rules in RuNet


New search platform "Yandex" "Island" offers users to work with sites right on the page of search results without going to the site. News commentators have expressed concern about the innovation, the launch of the beta version of which is expected in the summer of 2013

16 May 2013 "Yandex" has announced its new search platform "Islands".

The conceptual difference between the new platform from the former — presentation of search results in the form of interactive responses. It is assumed that with the help of online forms, users can interact with the desired resource directly on the results page of issue.

Search engine results in its corporate blog an example of the registration of tickets: if now need to find airline's website, and only then proceed to the registration process, the platform "Islands" the user can fill out the online registration form without going to the site.

"Yandex" invites you to take part in the formation of the search results of all site owners, bringing up to date information, buttons and shapes of the resource through interactive units ("islands") in the search for "Yandex".

So cinemas can translate websites in search results movie trailers and Medical Center — forms for recording medical advice.

The beta version of the new "island" search will be available in July 2013, however, an experimental platform for resource owners and developers already work. It is published documentation and training to create their own form of "islands" to "Yandex".

Interestingly, the blog commenters "Yandex" has already managed to make polar opinions about the expected innovation. Although some blog readers welcomed the initiative of "Yandex", much of the commentators managed to express skepticism about the new platform.

Example interactive response in the search results of "Yandex"

Already published concerns about the fact that "the site owners will be free to give their own content," Yandex ", losing advertising revenue", that "the introduction of such a search will panic" because the standard search engine optimization techniques will not work like they used to, and that "everything is being done to keep the traffic on the resources of" Yandex "," indifferent to the fate of the owners of sites that have come down traffic.

Text: Vladislav Mescheryakov / Photo: Yandex

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