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Promo Nanotechnologies demonstrated ideas and projects allowed us to establish contacts between developers, producers and consumers


Ural enterprises summarize the participation in the exhibition «Rusnanotech EXPO-2011". It was held in the framework of the IV International Forum «Rusnanotech 2011" from 26 to 28 October in Moscow and gathered 385 Russian and foreign companies engaged in the development and introduction of new technologies. On the stands were presented modern samples nano, developments in the field of nanotechnology, nanotechnology equipment.


Sverdlovsk region presented at the International Exhibition Center "Crocus Expo" 15 projects: energy-efficient lighting fixtures and bulbs with LEDs, heat removal systems, fiber laser with built-in components for wavelength conversion and others. "The presentation of these projects will attract major investors nanoindustry additional funds in the region", — said chairman of the Sverdlovsk region, Anatoly Gredin.

Innovators themselves say that the exhibition is driving demand for innovative products: in our case, any innovative product is resisted because it violates the usual scheme. During «Rusnanotech 2011" of the company held talks with dozens of interested parties, including those from Germany, Japan, South Korea, Iran.

Art has become a symbol of the Ural participation nanoglaz — installation showing the possibilities of nanotechnology and nanomaterials. This cup with fluid, which is a stable suspension of the iron oxide nanoparticles with dimensions of about 10 nm (development UFU). Thanks to the field created by a special system of magnets under the cup on the liquid surface is formed in the shape of the relief of the human eye. When someone comes to the cup, the magnets are rotated so that the eye is turned to the viewer, watching him. Impression crazy. As a joke, Russian President Dmitry Medvedev: "Big Brother is watching you."

Installation — an example of the interaction of science and modern art — art created by a group of "Where dogs run." The group has always attracted the attention of the exhibitions, in which participates Ural NBI "Modern Nanotechnologies" Urfa. But in this case nanoglaz acted as a full object exposure.

In addition to eye UFU submitted on Nanotechnologies eight "real" items, including high-efficiency nanophosphors Conversion, nanocrystalline infrared cables and control systems based on them, the LED lamp "RADEUS" magnetic circuits based on amorphous and nanocrystalline soft magnetic materials, nano-structured infrared detectors. For the three small innovative enterprises UrFU participation in the exhibition has expanded the prospects of using their products. New investors and buyers found the "Laboratory of energy saving", which organizes the production of unique LED bulbs and fixtures. A "Labfer", which showed a fiber laser with integrated element for wavelength conversion, discussed the prospects of participation in the new project fund "Skolkovo", associated with the development of a projection television.

During the exhibition, representatives of Urfa and JSC "RUSNANO" signed an agreement on the participation of the University in the development of distance education in the field of nanotechnology. The university also received the right to place in the electronic register RUSNANO information about their educational programs in the field of innovation.

Ural Optical and Mechanical Plant, which showed new developments in Moscow Lighting — traffic lights, street lights, traffic signs, backlit — reached a preliminary agreement on the supply of a dozen potential customers: RUSNANO, "Renovation" (St. Petersburg), "Elektrovypryamitel" (Saransk ), Ulyanovsk center of nanotechnology and others. Also of interest was expressed colleagues from Germany and Japan. As the head of the Moscow office lighting sales branch of department "UOMZ" Sergei ramrod more companies represented at the show such a product, but investors have noted the high quality of the samples UOMZ.

According to the chief engineer of the company "Technology tantalum" Maxim Bokova, of particular interest to foreign and Russian guests exposure caused the development of the Ural companies that have narrow application: "For example, we gave examples of magnetic powders of refractory metals and several large companies — in the near future, we plan to achieve agreement with them on the direct supply. "

JSC "Kirovgrad Carbide" presented metal carbide inserts with wear-resistant nanostructured PVD and CVD-coated. "It was this nano, necessary drillers and Metalworkers, has made us competitive with foreign companies — the specialist supply-side complex Vladimir Sagittarius. — In contrast to the highly specialized exhibitions, Nanotechnologies — an exhibition of contacts, image. And so it is important. Developments show different stages of the innovation cycle, from the idea to the innovative project that can establish direct contact between developers, manufacturers and consumers. "

The central event of the show was the launch of the company's factory in Yekaterinburg "Uralplastic-N" for the production of flexible plastic packaging, modified nanocomposites own production. President Medvedev, RUSNANO CEO Anatoly Chubais and numerous members of the Moscow exhibition were watching through video link.


Stand Sverdlovsk region occupied 120 square meters. meters in the center of the exhibition hall


Speaking on Nanotechnologies Anatoly Chubais noted that "the main dimension of the Russian innovation economy — regional."

Sverdlovsk region and the corporation RUSNANO are preparing to sign a new cooperation agreement, which will specify the problem of joint work in the region and the corporation until 2015. Provide for the establishment in the Middle Urals pool of 170 innovative companies with average annual revenues of at least 1 billion.

The region is leading the pace of development of innovation infrastructure in Russia among the 15 subjects of the Russian Federation, who annually take part in the exhibition with a collective exhibition. Recall that the Sverdlovsk region was one of the first subjects of the Russian Federation, initiated the organization of a cluster of nanotechnology. Since 2008, the program is being implemented to support nanotechnology projects. By 2015, plans to launch 39 new productions with the support of the regional government. This year, the newly created or substantially modernized production of nanotechnology in areas such as instrument making, electrical industry, durable and new construction materials. Major industrial projects are implemented with the participation of JSC "RUSNANO". The total budget of the joint projects of the Sverdlovsk region and JSC "RUSNANO" is 13 billion rubles.

The share of innovation active large and medium-sized enterprises in the industrial complex of the Sverdlovsk region in the last year of 16.5%. According to the forecasts of the Ministry of Industry and
Science of the region, the volume of shipped innovative products for the year will amount to 65 billion rubles.

NEW newsmakers

This year, for the first time appeared on Rusnanotech Republic of Bashkortostan. And immediately became a star nanonovostey. First, in the framework of the Forum signed a strategic cooperation agreement between the company "OptoGaN" and the government of the republic. The document provides for the implementation of joint projects in the region to implement LED lighting systems, energy efficiency programs territory. "It's not just convert the old power, but also to create the conditions for technological development — the general director of" OptoGaN "Maxim Odnoblyudov. — Bashkortostan in the rate of transition to new energy-efficient technology is ahead of many regions. "

Second, here on the forum RUSNANO has announced the launch of two projects in the field of medicine. One of these involves the deployment of a regional network of positron emission tomography with its own production of radiopharmaceuticals. Corporate partners in this project are the several regions, including the Republic of Bashkortostan.

And third, RUSNANO has announced that it is joining the project for the production of cosmetics based on the technology of double encapsulation of $ 65 million. Corporation will receive 18% of the share capital of the project company "NanoDerm pros." The project involves the production of cosmetic products — anti-aging, skin cleanser, for professional beauty salons — on the technology developed in Ufa by "Zhespar-Bios" in cooperation with the Institute of Biology, Ufa Science and the Institute of Biochemistry and Genetics, Ufa Science. (Interview with the head of the company "Zhespar-bios" Alexander Zimnitskaya read in one of the next issues.) Previously, the project was supported by other development institutions — Seed Investment Fund of the Russian Venture Company. As director of the Investments Department of the Russian Venture Company Yan Ryazantsev, this is the first example of "innovation lift" — the system of public institutions created to promote the growth of innovative companies.

Region on «Rusnanotech EXPO-2011" were:

Ural Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Ural Federal University;
UralVagonZavod, Ural Electrochemical Integrated Plant Urals Optical and Mechanical Plant, Kirovgrad hard alloys;
of "Fine Metal Powders", "Labfer", "Laboratory saving", "Uralinteh", "Tantalum Technologies", "Metals of Urals" NPK VIP, Scientific and Production Company "VOSTEP", "Penosital", "Novomet" IZHMASH other.

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