Young tiger Cinderella shows good skills in the hunt

 Young tiger named Cinderella orphaned in childhood and is aimed at rehabilitation centers in Primorye, shows excellent skills in the cage in the hunting of wild animals, according to RIA Novosti director of Specialized Inspection "Tiger" Victor Gaponov.

Amur tiger five to six months in extreme exhaustion was discovered by hunters on February 25 in a forest near the village of Borisovka in the Ussuri region. The little tiger was sent for treatment and rehabilitation centers, where she received the name of Cinderella.

Later, the International Fund for Animal Protection (IFAW) and the Environmental Fund "Phoenix" has announced to raise funds for the purchase of meat for the tiger, as well as live rabbits and deer hunting skills for producing animal.

"Tigress Cinderella now lives in a spacious enclosure of 0.5 ha. To practice her hunting skills have repeatedly released animals — rabbits, raccoon dogs, badgers and wild boar, and several deer," — said the source.

According to him, despite the absence of maternal lessons tiger hunts well and behaves like a normal wild predator.

"Before you kill an animal, she continued to play with it … the badger is like a cat with kittens … When she was released deer attacked it at once, the game is. First they walk by themselves, if not to see each other, then moment, quietly — look, and he was dead. interesting beast, good hunting, "- said Gaponov.

He said that in order not to develop in the tigress habit animals produce it at different times of day. At the same time, for any appearance next Cinderella Man, as befits a wild beast hiding.

"This is a wild animal, and the people in the time of life with them is not tame either per gram. If you approach the cage, she was hiding and secretly spying. Presence of people she does not like, and when you have yet to see them closely after stress "waste" in the spring, which is located on the territory of its cage, "- said the director of special inspection.

He said that the experts will release Cinderella at will in May next year, so at this time of calving is a hoofed and litter in boars and, therefore, problems with food at a young tigress will not.

The Amur tiger is listed in the Red Book, in Russia these animals live in the Primorsky and Khabarovsk regions. According to the last census, the population has about 450 species. International organizations are making efforts to prevent its decline.

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