Yuri Drakakhrust: unrest in Egypt — the result of a cascade of revolution

In Egypt, the Company continuing mass anti-government protests. On Wednesday, killing at least five people, injured hundreds. Prime Minister Ahmed Shafiq apologized today for the violence and vowed to find the perpetrators. In Egypt, Hargade is now our correspondent Yuri Drakakhrust.

Drakakhrust: In Hargade fairly quiet. If you do not go beyond the territory of the sanatorium, all is calm. Although the bank are soldiers with machine guns, with the machine gun. In his speech, the Minister of Defence said that the army would protect banks, museums, and if anyone finds itself there is no need to complain that get shot. If you who want to fight the power, it is — please. Military protect civilian infrastructure.

Arab guides told enough interesting things. Should be an interesting image of their stories. According to them, the main participants in the demonstrations — are young people, and, not a student, but mostly unemployed. The ratio of the interlocutors to Mubarak's non-aggressive. Quite simply his time is running out.

Sous: Alexander Lukashenko advocated that all the problems in Egypt and Tunisia from malnutrition because people did not have enough to eat. How true is this?

DrakakhrustThis explanation is too simplistic. The people living here are not very rich, but not starving. The crisis of food in general no one speaks. There is a whole range of factors. The same unemployment. Also, the cascade effect of the revolution that we have seen in Europe — began in Tunisia and lit up all these countries: such events in Jordan, Coconut Palm.

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