2012. Rosh Hashanah! The truth is …

Kryon — Translation by Barbara Bessen Rina

I greet you, dear friends, I — Kryon of Magnetic Service Environments.

Here it is, so welcome and frightening 2012. What has changed, what do you think? Will the end of the world? Of course not. Will continue to be changes? Yes, definitely! The shape transformations can be mild or severe. It depends on the regions of the earth and the people. There are areas which are still very much subject to change. Look for those that have been affected by them — they are still vulnerable. This is due to their location and the moving plate tectonics. But the change will occur, and where you do not expect. In all parts of the earth will be some changes in different forms.

The water for this is a powerful tool. It is not only the sea and the river, which may pave new paths than normal, but the groundwater moves, especially in areas in which created artificial barriers, dams, bypass channels, and the like. There, the equilibrium shifts to the deepest level. Earth is trying different ways to clean it again. Of course, there are people who have volunteered to take an active part in the events. There are those who hold the key figures. There are those who want to leave the Earth. And there are those who want to try it out, opening their hearts. So what happens is what we call a collective open mind.

Other events this year for many people associated with social problems, the possible financial loss, loss of a job, or even an apartment. The changes will take place, and you trust the inner promptings, feel new wants to be open. And this will happen even if you do not want to let go of something. Symbol of 2012 — focusing on the important!

Europe knows the really big changes that will become apparent with the losses, with the facts, with failure and destruction of rigid structures, with the departure of the leaders, because they no longer fit. As well as a deep understanding of loved ones, family and associates.

What are people that have known the casualties? They approach each other. What do they do more? They share with other sympathy. This, of course, is not all. There are people living in deep fear of loss of confidence in the absence of self and without faith in God. They hide their feelings and deal with the salvation of what is possible.

Of course there are people who, no matter what, will have a lot of money, big house, enough income and other, seemingly important things. Their changes are different. This can happen at smaller meetings, carrying information, as well as minor ailments, forced to rest, and so on. Information sometimes comes with strong strokes, or on soft paws. Every person, every place, every city, every country is changing its way. This is evident for a long time. Look at Europe. Spaniards think and live differently than the Danes. Germany is not as energy-tight, like France. All go their separate ways. And it can be different, depending of course on the experience of the past and the karma.

My important message to all: be yourself!
What do you want to achieve in 2012? I'm not talking about what is external goals, such as the new working situation, a new car, travel and the like. This external matters relating to life in this time period. I'm talking about you to look into your heart. What are its goals? It is easier to understand than you think.

Sit comfortably, relax, focus on your heart and ask him, "What do you want in 2012?" Listen to the small voice, or there is a feeling. What do you see? Possible, words such as calm, serenity, as well as exercise, laughter, dreams, walking or relaxing on the couch. May occur and clarify the picture, perhaps to clean after contact with people with whom you are not going smoothly, or go fight. As a small and a large all want to be discovered and integrated. You must not have a sealed box, which can not be considered.

2012 requires the debriefing. Look again inward: he wants is your heart? And look very deep down — perhaps there is another heart's desire, or a lot of desires, even unusual, and is not yet implemented. Remember, you came to earth with a big bag filled with prints and old karmic patterns, and all the while was busy processing them.

Karmic imprints, most educated people were removed pure intent and contact with beings of light accompanying the rise of the planet. There was enough time to consider these desires, conceived for the next time. Free from fear, low self-esteem and lack of faith in God, you can make the leap into the unknown, and finally get what you've always wanted. Now you are strong, and has the energy for a new start! And help you guaranteed! The only one who is sabotaging — yourself! You do not believe that you can move mountains. Why?

We attend to many of you, many, many years. Perhaps you feel this is in 1987, with the Harmonic Convergence. I know you very well. I know who you are, where you come from, I know your "backpack" and your alarm. Are you ready to help others: friends, children, parents, boss. But you forget yourself. You step back into the background. Why? Perhaps because you do not take yourself gently by the hand? You could do it with a kind and wise smile and say to yourself: "I am the spirit in the body, and I am here to gain experience. Most of them I already did. Slowly I get home and pack a suitcase my. But why is it so hard for me? After all, I could rejoice and enjoy new adventures! "Yes. But why do not you do this?

2012 — a year of great possibilities! High energy, expected by many, is already here. She is in full force and effect from November 2011, and before that was a special push in October 2003. It was the most violent shocks, responsible for most of the turning points. Although it should be borne in mind that changes in the earth and the human level have their way. Not all occurred in October of 2003, the beginning was much earlier, because it is the process of development and growth.

And now many are in strong processes that are going on and not all are the same, and it is hard to imagine when and what will happen to each person. There are options for new ways, but not always taken steps to open windows of time and need a period of preparation. Many of the awakened are on track for their important steps.

The same applies to the field of money and politics. "The euro will fall?" — Asked by many people. I think it will not happen. Too much this is interconnected. Will be taken "an elegant solution" directly relevant to the design of money.

Changes in the person, his compassion, will show new ways. Will be given a new concept related to the care of people. In 2012, the company will play a big role. Will listen more to the people, pushing toward technology and the daily routine.

Listen deeply to yourself, and you will get new ideas and views that differ from day to day. If it makes a lot, smile, ease and friendliness will be rampant, and many will realize that money market is an artificial construct that is formed in any direction. This applies to the policy and to other government agencies. Not so bad, but a lot needs reforms. And people realize that it is up to them — to take the reins in their hands, on their own, with a loud voice, and with the sleeves rolled up, and with the ability to say NO. And other people who do not yet wish to, or do not believe in themselves — will be on his way.

This compares to a fork in the river. Some stand on one side and the other on the other. And that's OK. It is important to understand that the judgment must be stopped! In all you can see is good. It is only necessary to begin to understand it, and in politics, money, and the weather, and in the neighborhood. You have a choice to focus on something, and look at it through the eyes of love. Because that's what you are focusing on, controls your life.

And many do not what it seems. What do you see? What does the person in Peru, or in South Africa, standing at the window and looking at the stars? Do you have the same appearance. But if you really quantum physics law, the images are created by an observer. That is, you yourself constantly defines the look of your life. You create, as observers.

Let's look at 2012. Who and what is making? Perhaps because many things happen and that the person creating them in the society, because they arise from the packages of thoughts that are in the morphogenetic field, encouraging to see, think and act.

And can it be that a man deeply in the heart of the changing and independent of external circumstances, living in his own world. And then in 2012 he had a sunny, peaceful and wonderful. Think about it, meditate. This means that all the best, and is when it activates the observer. So there are billions of worlds — as there are people. These worlds are formed of thoughts, bearing the imprint of all that accompanies them in their lives. As in the rotating carousel. Perhaps, you want to jump and build your own carousel, becoming its own observer and creator? If so do a lot, then there is an ocean of light, and the earth will be really bright, radiant and healthy. And it will live healthy, happy and peaceful people!

There is really a big change in the three-dimensional world, thanks to changes in solar activity and the Earth's orbit and the solar system. But this three-dimensional changes. You know that "one foot" you live interdimensional, that is, in a different reality, and you feel it, do not you? And then react to news dimensional horror interdimensional. In the fifth and higher dimensions, your soul is at stake, because it is in a different reality.

Feel like now in the fifth dimension. What do you feel when you are there? You want to bring that feeling to your daily life? So you change your reality.

Now, I bow to you. You respect, love and roads here on Earth to help her walk her new path. Thank you for your service!

In deep love and close connection


Translation — Rina, in agreement with Barbara Bessen

Category: Channeling

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