5.1 magnitude earthquake occurred off the coast of Sumatra

Earthquake of magnitude 5.1 occurred on Saturday night to the south-west coast of the Indonesian island of Sumatra.

According to the U.S. Geological Survey, the tremors were recorded at 07:18 local time (04:18 MSK). The epicenter of the earthquake was 294 km south-west of Sumatra and 352 km south-west of the capital, Jakarta, on the island of Java. The earthquake lies at a depth of 10 km, RIA "Novosti".

Information about the victims, the destruction and the threat of a tsunami there.

Recall, October 13, an earthquake of magnitude of at least 6.0 occurred off the coast of the popular tourist destination of Indonesia — Bali. The epicenter of earthquake was located 100 km from the main town of Denpasar. Injured about 50 people.

As you know, Indonesia is surrounded by the so-called Pacific Ring of Fire — a chain of seismically active zones and volcanoes, including underwater, stretching from the coast of Mexico to New Zealand. Earthquakes occur there frequently.

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