A child infected with rabies in Abkhazia

A child infected with rabies in AbkhaziaLearned the details of rabies boy, who is now in critical condition in hospital in Krasnodar.

The boy lived in Abkhazia. In the same two months ago he was bitten by a dog. Parents of the child did not say anything, afraid of injections that made her older sister, also suffered from a dog.

When he became ill, he was taken to the hospital Sukhumi. It does not get any better, and the doctors could not make an accurate diagnosis, and therefore the parents decided to take the boy to Krasnodar.

There he was diagnosed with rabies, he is now in a coma. Relatives of the child vaccinated. As said, the hospital chief doctor Nafiset Thakushinova, vaccinations were 20 people in contact with the boy, reports "Interfax".

As reported in "Live Kuban" little patient treatment is complicated by the fact that he was not made the necessary shot in the time of infection.

Rabies — an acute infectious disease that occurs after the bite of an infected animal, occurring with severe damage to the nervous system and the ending is usually fatal. The causative agent of the disease — a virus that is circulating in the wild, wildlife, and is transmitted by the bite because it is contained in the saliva. Usually its carriers are predatory carnivorous animals — foxes, raccoons, raccoon dogs, wolves, martens, bats. In Krasnodar Territory, rabies is most often sick fox (up 80 percent).

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