A judge from the black list continues to plant activists

Michael Swan was arrested for 12 days. Such a judgment handed down on February 8 Judge of the Moscow district of Minsk Eugene Khatkevich. Man charged with participating in a demonstration of solidarity that youth activists held December 20 at the Independence Square.

Michael Swan arrested Dec. 20 while on his way to the Red Church. The police officers beat him to the ground, and inflicted several blows a baton and thrown into a paddy wagon. In prison in Akrestsin a few hours to the Swan called "first aid", which took him to the hospital, the website spring96.org.

Administrative Court considered the case repeatedly, as witnesses, police are constantly confused in the testimony. Then Swan said in court that he had filed a complaint with the prosecutor's office against the police. In the trial was adjourned to share the findings of inspection.

Judge Eugene Khatkevich January 31 was added to the list of Belarusian officials banned from entering the EU. Among those to whom he is convicted defendants — radio journalist "Ratsiya" Boris Gorki, an activist of the campaign "Tell the truth"Mikhail Pashkevich, detained at the Independence Square on December 19 Dmitry Bondarchuk, Eugene Bobrik, Fedor Maslenikav and others.

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