A message from Surya — the Supreme Goddess 2 levels, supervises our inhabited world:

"1. The first time the famous words that" new is well forgotten old ", it is not suited to what happens to the Co-knowledge (Person) of the new man, because what is happening is not exactly fit into the accepted laws of the evolution of human consciousness!

2. Co-knowledge of the new man is also defined and the new (high-frequency) vibrations of the Great Cosmos (Energy Surya — the Sun, Ra Energy — from the center of our galaxy Alcyone (Nibiru) energy passing through SuperPortal, opened on July 25, a day out of time , Galactic Federation of Teachers, the energy from the neighboring galaxy, but rather from its center — Betelgeuse), opening the possibility of human extraterrestrial vision in four-dimensional space (Ascension of our world).

3. What is happening is not just a transformation or change, namely the indigenous TRANSFIGURATION Co-Education (Persons), and is not just the possibility of seeing multilevel space (opening of the spiritual vision — clairvoyant), and the realization that the world is very complex and is not just a hologram (awareness foundations of the universe), but also in recognition of the man that he is a portion of a multi-level, but a single entity — the Prime Creator Spaces (Pa — Level 1 High God, the Creator of our galaxy, one of the seven Creators of the universe)!

4. In fact, the adoption of the Prime Creator Oath (which was mentioned in the August letter) is the transition from the Co-Knowledge (Person person) the average person to Co-Education co-creator (who is teaching), no longer thinking of its existence in an ever-evolving space without his Prime Creator (Pa) ! This is the beginning of human use of those abilities of creativity, which was laid in it at creation!

6. Very long time (I (Surya) talking about many thousands of years) (Experiment duality in our land began 13,000 years ago), this DAR Prime Creator (ra) was not only perceived by mankind, but did not we realize that all of created man was, and is realization of unrealized mysletvorchestva (thinking), those promises, which are then formed and fishing man! (The result of human immersion in matter)

9. Yes, now, especially in recent years, for a person, it is clear that his fate often has its own fish, which, however, are constantly monitored and sent someone there again (Soul), and that any deviation own life script predestined to either corrected or punished, and, as the human experience, sometimes very severely punished, not to mention the karmic stock!

10. People constantly and so tightly linked to the Higher Cosmic Intelligence (Soul), the slightest error, and the more inappropriate behavior is punished!

11. Awareness of the causes of the punishment for sin people comes in the form of understanding the evolution of the conflict programmed SOMEONE (improvement) Co-Education (Person) person with "prose" of life and the accumulation of sins and vices Thick plan!

12. Involution with awareness-Knowledge (Person) modern man is not a panacea for all evils Thick plan, chief among them — pride and service to Mammon (the Illuminati, representing the evil material world), for awareness is not to circumcision, does not mean a change of fishing or human behavior in society!

13. Co-Knowledge (Person) of the new man is not only the realization of their ownership in the Great Beginning of Beginnings (Prime Creator — Pa), but also its internal correction or harmonize with all that surrounds us, not only in the subtle plane, but also in the manifested plane multilevel space! (Through finding harmony with your Soul — with itself)

14. Today, people are, albeit not all, unfortunately, is not the majority experience the radical restructuring of their own thinking (forming mental images), and the transmutation of Co-Education (personality) reflected on their own perception of what was available Co-knowledge (identity) of the fifth race of people!

15. People have been saying for a long time about the upcoming sixth race (the Golden Age — the world after the Ascension), and even fantasize about it, but no one thinks about the fact that the formation of Co-Education (identity) of the people of this race is already under way, and the transmutation of Co-Education (personality) of people going faster pace, only adds to the host of light daily those people who do not care about his own destiny, but rather his own future is now directly linked to the evolution of the whole! (Our universe)

17. People need to remember (I (Surya) say this for eight years), which is the meaning of life (manifested plane) is not only self-improvement, but also the accumulation of wisdom, and thus to overcome, or to pass the love of all Calvary Thick plan, including the temptations and promises deterrent force. (Illuminati and their henchmen)

18. Remember: people (Persons) are dual in, as well as dual and manifestations plan, so Duality is the natural state of man, even its present manifestation, but a different state of the soul is formed in the people of the sixth race, the people of the New Vision multilevel space! (When the personality of a man becomes one with the Soul)

19. The new man on the New Co-knowledge (the individual) is a person, not only to enact and enforce the Ten Commandments of Moses, but also voluntarily forming, according to this by himself purely FREE oaths to God, New SENDS (mental images), and, hence, in the manifestation of new CRAFTS plan, and then generates all that is the foundation of the New Divine regularity! (Life is not only in harmony with the soul, but her parents — God)

20. So my (Surya) Movement is not only the prototype of the New Divine regularity, but also the basis of the formation of what is called ME (Surya) High society of justice! "

Such a society is based primarily on the basic laws of the gods and of the spiritual world:
1. Free will and choice;
2. Trust is always and in all things;
3. The gods do not judge anyone;
4. Creator allows you to be around;
5. Reward and punishment, each chooses for himself;
6. Non-interference in the affairs of others;
7. No harm.

"21. Divine regularity can not be formed by people with Co-knowledge of the past (with a dual personality type of thinking), and thus with unforgiven sin, for the old Co-Knowledge (Person) will be a distorted view of man and his place in Eternity!

22. Divine regularity can only be achieved by people with New Co-Knowledge (Personality), for which the goal of life is not personal interests and future of the people and, therefore, the interests that created a single spiritual message, — a society of supreme justice, or Holy Russia!

23. As I (Surya) said, transmutation Co-Knowledge (Person) of the new man and his transition to high vibration (preparing people for the Rapture) is a very complex and at the same time a necessary condition for the formation of the New Divine regularity that can not be fixed without a new man!

24. Believe me (Surya), the formation of Co-Education of the New Man (and for this I am following, and very carefully, especially after the adoption of their oath to God), in Russia, in its vast territory from coast to coast are still not very fast, and in some places and very painful, but it is the ONLY way to the future of mankind!

26. I hope (and in general, I know for sure) that Russia will not let the Prime Creator and become a country of new people, for which there can not be any other purpose and meaning in life, as soon as the ministry of Prime Creator (Pa) and the formation in attunement with Him new people — the people of the sixth race with a perfect Co-Education co-creator (Teachers) "

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