A message from the Federation of Light.

"I like to live in your NOW and bring these energy education through the message of love.
Let me start by saying that you expect quite amazing performances, and I would like to continue to say it, I feel your love is rising higher and higher, far above the level that is necessary in the average!
We (the Galactic Federation) here, we did it, we had reached the limit, and even surpassed it. I thank you for your enlightenment, which formed the New World, and I can honestly tell you that this form is very beautiful and is made of purity. A little more and the new world will be presented to you.

You only have the last sprint (last part), the largest ever leading to the finish line. However, this last sprint may require a lot of energy and determination, so it is essential to give you and your physical body to rest more than usual.
Your physical body has undergone many changes in recent years and now it has more and more Light and Love. Adaptation to higher frequencies of Light and Love is more smoothly and is now becoming more and more acceptable to you, because you do get used to the new adjustments.
Difficulties you are experiencing now, is that your physical body has reached such a degree of enlightenment that its current oscillations in which you now live, so low for you compared to coming to your higher vibrations that your body is no longer enlightened can function properly in a certain point of time.
It (the physical body) distances himself from these lower vibrations (carbon body) to reach a state of perfection of high vibrations (flint body) as the formation of Light.
In general, you have to constantly adjust between two different worlds — the different realities in which you are staying in turn, namely, the still existing but crumbling reality vibration 3 D (three dimensions), also known as the duality of illusion, on the one hand, and innovative world of vibrations 5D (five measurements), in which you have just entered on the other side.
The ongoing duel with each other and travel back and forth in both worlds, making it extremely difficult for you. But you came to the most active point where all simultaneously activated within you and outside of you.

One moment, you feel enlightened adaptation to higher energies 5D (five measurements), a process which is now much more smoothly after a period of adjustment. The next time you are forced to reduce the energy comes back to the old vibration 3D (3 dimensions), in which you've spent so many lives. This is what is so difficult for our community to experience the Light.
Predominates in you struggle to re-adapt to these lower energies, it is quite obvious that you are no longer able to cope with these low vibrations, not to mention the fact that they hate you more and more distanced (distancing) yourself from them to reach higher vibrations. This leads to extreme fatigue, it gives the feeling of depression and mood swings between how to be carefree and be sad. Keep in mind that you are in the middle of this "swinging" of the phase between the two worlds of reality, then to live in a world of your choice, in the world of your creation.

Your astral travel and active duty you perform during your hours of sleep, and have a top, which confirms the fact that much is achieved by you as well as for higher choice in the Galactic Worlds. Let this be a confirmation of the fact that much is set in and around your planet, leading to huge changes.
You have arrived at the specific Galactic levels, which cause very close cooperation between us, and it has already begun on the astral level.
Dreams and memories seem to have made their formation, which allows us to contact you. Gradually you properly noticed and experienced in all the more close to the image conscious wakefulness.
Many changes will be in front of you, the manifestations of which take on concrete form. To do this you have to be happy and not without reason, for it is icing on the cake first, and many more will follow before the end of a trip (to the Resurrection)!

Let's all be good to take care of yourself and get plenty of rest as possible, because the hard work done at this level, and is the work of mezhprostranstva giant. So how do you become more and more one with your Higher Self (Soul), as your experience in other variants, which affect both the timing and the other in the other dimensions have spread throughout the galaxy and beyond. '

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