A new volcanic eruption in Ecuador Tungaraua

A new volcanic eruption in Ecuador Tungaraua

Tungurahua volcano quite unexpectedly and sharply intensified at dawn.

According to the Geophysical Institute of the National Polytechnic High School, have been reported tremor cliff face, the explosions, the roar and the release of stones on the slopes of Mt.

Tungurahua, 5,016 meters high, located 135 km south of the capital of Ecuador, located in the current permanent volcanic phase in 1999, his most recent reactivation of the most serious occurred in late 2011, prompting the government to announce the introduction of a few days of the 2nd level of vigilance and to evacuate applicants from the local community. Before the universal emergency evacuation is not reached.

Another eruption began at about 4:40 on Saturday, February 4, when the instrument began to register seismic activity is steadily increasing. Around 5:50 was registered burst of moderate force, accompanied by the roar of a duration of about 5 minutes, heard in the village Palitaua and Guadalupe monitoring station (14 km from the crater on the northwest flank of the volcano). Reports have been received about the weak and the roar of falling rubble-sized grain of rice in the area of human settlements Baños, Pelileo, Guadeloupe, Cevallos, and Pilyate Huive. Now in these areas there is a decline in black ash. In addition, this morning mudslides were reported in gorges Mapayaku, Chontapampa and Achupalyal.

The seismic activity of the volcano remains at a high level. Given the considerable cloudiness in the area to find the colossus, it is impossible to conduct direct observation of surface phenomena of the eruption, but the clouds can sometimes see a column of steam and ash from a height of almost 1 km to 8 km, is deflected in the direction of the north-west. According to satellite images, volcanologists have established the presence of thermal anomalies in the area of the crater were about 5:58 local time.

Torrents of mud and stones, the eruption of Tungurahua Volcano, and heavy rains in the area, caused an accident involving a truck. His owner said that the car got stuck in the mud on the highway segment Penipe Baños connecting cantons Riobamba and Piyo, at Valley Achupalyal. Leaders of the local Emergency Committee (COE) has decided to temporarily block the traffic on the highway. The truck was towed by a tractor.

Tourist and commercial activity in the town of Baños yet performed in the usual manner.


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