A search of the apartment Svetlana Mikhalchanka

In Svetlahorsk in the apartment activists of the Left "Fair World" Svetlana Mikhalchanka members of the local department of the KGB are searched.

Mikhalchanka"It all started like a child. First came the police, and asked about a traffic accident. A 18-hours in the apartment called another police officer allegedly checked the passport regime, and only two of them emerged kagebisty. Showed the search warrant, signed by the Minsk prosecutor. These young people are polite, tidy — all the angles were searched. "

The search is not over. But it is clear that security officers have taken Mikhalchanka Svetlana, a former teacher, school principal, the system unit and two dozen DVD-ROM drive.

Svetlana Kandratavna only for two days out of the hospital. Because of sore feet it is difficult to walk. She says that on December 19 it was in Minsk, but not on Independence Square.

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