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This information comes from direct contact with those who do not want their names have been mentioned, and now some corrections laid out here for those who would like to delve into the material.

These revelations come to the author one holistic piece of information, while the text form has a certain degree of linearity and consistency which is why some things may seem malosvyazannymi and obscure. In addition it uses the author's terminology, but if you read the material, the more likely you are ready for the specific characteristics of such information. So:

Time does not exist. The perception of time is due to the FSU (everyday state of consciousness), because in the ASC (altered state of consciousness) may be a two-way influence from the past to the future and from the future into the past. Every person has the power potential, which is in the unmanifest in BSSi which appears in the ASC. Guardian angel — it's the man himself. Its influence over themselves in the everyday state of consciousness is mystical, but in fact illustrates the normal mechanism of interaction between the manifested and unmanifested.

Great temptation to personalize the Guardian. This sin, almost all traditions. In essence, Guardian Angel — The energy potential of the individual.

However, the energy itself can not do anything by itself. So the keeper, as a leading potential exists in the Spirit. Our Spirit individualized, our personal consciousness, but is also the part of the Great Spirit. Spirit exists in the manifested and unmanifested. Being a copy of the Great Spirit, we do exist in the manifested and unmanifested.

Spirit can be called the core of the pyramid of life that runs from top to bottom. Pyramid — a convention. This is not geometry. If there was a kind of pyramid, as such, would be tempted to finish it to the bottom of the mirror. This temptation caught later Kabbalists, to finish the Tree of Life, Mirror klipoticheskoe tree — the result of a character interpretation in itself, rather than the idea that it renders.

But if we take all the same this conditional pyramid, where the worlds are like one over the other, it turns out that the top tier of the unmanifested — is shown by the lower. Manifested and unmanifested did not separate worlds, as a symbol denoting the relationship "of adjacent tiers of the pyramid."

Unmanifested potential, certainly much more than a manifestation. Stone which stands on a cliff is 100% capacity. As he fell, he takes it. Potency becomes kinetics. This is physics. This is the key to the cabalistic formula — "Kether-Malkutneproyavlennogo." The top of the pyramid — the unmanifest. Bottom — manifestation. Through it passes the rod spirit, and on it moves consciousness.

Unmanifested stone — absolute power. Stone is — undeveloped state. Fall of stone — manifested state. Stone fell — again unmanifested. On the other side of the stone would not exist without the idea of the stone, where that exists in all of its forms. Even in the fall, though potency. Transferable to humans. Floats the idea of the mind of the embryo. Spirit comes into incarnation. There is contact with the embryo. The consciousness of the spirit, polished "cosmos", connects with a huge potential of the embryo, which is the idea of the manifested and unmanifested in the unmanifest to the manifest.

This is a great temptation for the spirit. This demonstrates his commitment to the likeness of the Great Spirit. Maybe it's the desire to form a funnel "tighten" the spirit of the incarnation.

Of all the leaves, that guardian angel — something like the properties of the spirit. So it is possible to appeal, the transition of consciousness to its habitat on the axis of the spirit. On the other hand treatment — is the contact of consciousness with consciousness, the appeal in this context is impossible. So the Guardian consciousness — that is our consciousness.

Consciousness, as we understand it, is represented on a line or a point, or the desire to point to the state line. Of course, any consideration of such things in a static impossible. We are talking about a point on the line, but the consciousness of this point and the line at the same time.

For digestibility perception is necessary to leave the temporary convention. Communication with the Guardian — this is more insight into his consciousness, increased awareness to new areas of the spirit. Partial withdrawal from a temporary condition, so that the point freezes in the segment. Where the beginning of our consciousness, and the end of "consciousness" Guardian.

This approach explains the contact in ASCs in a shamanistic trance in meditation, but do not allow contact everyday. Or the ability to point to the interval should be so developed that the transition itself is not very noticeable and does not require high energy consumption. This is possible if such transitions often occurred earlier. These properties are stored in the mind completely new incarnations. So contact with the Guardian, the rate of occurrence of the experience gained in the ASC-magical past. This effect of the Custodian of the past, from a time where he is still as it has not appeared.

That is, the guardian angel:

  • exists in the unmanifested, that is, super-consciousness.
  • energy — potential of the spirit
  • spiritual — consciousness itself in a special position on the axis of the spirit.
  • there in the past and the future simultaneously.
  • presence of a strong Guardian says the magical past human
  • Frequent luck in critical situations indicate strong Keeper.


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