Accident at the mine Trebsa complete winter

Final disposition of the oil spill on the field Trebs in the Nenets Autonomous District will be made in the winter of 2012, the governor told reporters Nenets Igor Fyodorov during SPIEF 2012.

"I agreed with the president" Bashneft "Alexander Corsica go to the field at the end of the summer and see what the result of the elimination of the accident. Complete removal of petroleum products will be carried out only this winter they will be collected, stored and transported in the winter," — said Fedorov.

He stressed that the geography of the well where the spill occurred, allowed to avoid the consequences of the accident. Did distance from water bodies and the presence of a number of production areas to the well with sand — it allowed Dike spill and prevent further spread of oil. In addition, a few hundred meters away from the well is the setting that allows you to burn the collected oil.

"We approached this issue with a hard pragmatism and show it as it was. Accident occurred on April 20, and do not forget that for 22 in the morning it was virtually eliminated," — said Fedorov.

The accident at the mine Trebs which develops LLC "Bashneft-Polyus", took place on 20 April at unpickle well number 11. Fountain of oil, rising to a height of 25 meters, only managed to kill 22 April. Management "Bashneft" initially measured oil spill of 600 cubic meters.

Preliminary damage from the accident is estimated at 13.5 million rubles. It is assumed that the complete remediation of a finish in 2013. Preliminary cause was called human error.

In mid-May, President of "Bashneft" Alexander Korsik reported that two top managers "Bashneft" left the company because of the accident.

Deposits Trebs (Varknavtskoe deposit) in the NAO is considered one of the largest among the explored continental deposits in Russia. Geological oil reserves of C1 + C2 is about 153 million tons.

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