Addresses of Teachers Federation of Light on October 3.

Message of alli.

Your world on the border of the changes a little more time and begin the changes that we have all been waiting for a long time planned. But no matter what changes have gone, its forms will be determined by your attitude, your mind, your emotions. Will it be a smooth transition with minimal disruption to the people, or it will be tough events and more damage. So all of you and warn that the time change is necessary to maintain a peace, joy and love. And as love — this is the key to everything is perfect — is to have love in your heart and through its power to harmonize the surrounding area.

Of course, this is ideal, but the reality is that until the unconditional love of many people in the world are very, very far away. They still have much to go through to their souls (personality), their hearts settled this love. In the meantime, you should feel that you are not an isolated individual, but part of a whole, in which the Creator manifests itself, which interacts with all the other manifestations of the Creator creates all the events and changes taking place in your busy world.

The feeling of a whole can be achieved through communication with each other, between peers, during your promise, which give an opportunity to gain power between all of you. Combining the energies strengthens each of you, gives you the opportunity to feel involved in the events that are coming, and take them properly without any negative emotions.

After all, you have repeatedly said that everything that happens — not by chance, has a meaning and necessity. At one time it was necessary for your training and testing, and once — to form a new world, updates the planet Earth, and once — as a reward for previous convergence your deeds.

All of your symptoms, all your deeds should be determined by your spiritual development, your perfection, and your level of technical development — not the point, what would you would need to be developed at this time. Only the development of the Spirit (a collaboration Personality and Soul) is an essential element in the manifestation of events and their form. And we have set up this development and we try to bring to your awareness that understanding.

People of low spirituality can not have the divine, unconditional love, which is all in the universe, which brings happiness and joy in life that gives power to the accomplishment of great things in the Universe, which underlies everything.

Assuming a that love, you become a true Lightworker, bearing all the harmony and perfection. Separation is a fading love, separating themselves from the whole, and reduces your ability to love, and to create and shape the space. This consciousness (personality) closes the path of true perfection.

In unity — God, in separation and isolation — Darkness.

Epistle Nastsetusa.

Hello, all! As I am happy to come to you again and bring our energy, with their special color, to your development and support.

Even though I bring to you one of our energy now, but invisibly present here and all our brothers who are happy to give you help and rejoice together, seeing your development and our desire to absorb energy and to listen to our instructions. And you need them to come to perceive the event to change the space as an invisible layer of energy, and you in the visible world.

Any changes that you notice are not on their own, they are a reflection of the energy flow of the changes that occur in the invisible to your senses and the world. Everything is connected. And the change, and the formation of the energy layer with time is shown in a variety of events is already visible to you in your world. Any weather, climate change, any anomalies — all is only a consequence of changes in the energy flow, their twists, bursts and a sign of their quality. Also you can change the view space by changing power, and you are not just the visible shell you — your body, and you have an energy being, which is pretty much interfere in the formation energy of Space, affect its change.

When you are together united in a single mind-energy message, then you influence is much stronger than it would be if you tried to do it just on their own, at their discretion. To do this, you and give you a day message — while you're channel their energies in a single impulse, momentum to achieve the changes in the overall energy structure of space, which later manifested in the visible world of you.

Synchronicity your actions allows the energy of each of you is multiplied by the energy of all the others and to form one powerful stream, harmonizing all the surrounding space. Feeling your oneness with each other indicates that your energies are in attune with the energies of others and join in the general flow, enhance it and give SPACES impetus for change.

Brown is the Essence (Dark Personality), seeing your UNITY incredible power, trying to settle into your souls (person) doubt, separation, isolation, separated from the general union. Rip you into little "pile" and you teshite themselves as your small group gives power from the flow of energy, but it may be that your vibration isolation will not resonate with the vibration of a single stream is sent and will fall out of the total flow, weaken him.

And this, and seek Dark Essence (spiv), that they need. They want you to produce this energy imbalance, deprive you change your world, energy force UNITY.

I urge all of you to understand my instructions and change their view, away from isolation and separation, to become a truly integrated whole, through the timing of your energies.

In Unity — Strength!

Message from the I AM THAT I AM

Your success depends on your sending of true unity (at the level of feelings, not thoughts), and all you talk about it, and mind you know it, but in the soul (person) is not all agree with this, you need to be addressed in the low energy isolation and separation.

I have repeatedly told you that pass Quantum transition alone is not possible. Only in a single energy alliance formed with the support you Egregor Holy Russia, you can resist the impact on you of powerful energies Twelfth Portal (very powerful energy from the sun = Surya), to be launched in December this year.
A holding off yourself, you hold your energy and the world, and help all the people inhabiting it: and those who have not yet awakened, and those who are on their way to a common unity.

The people will make the protection of the pioneer of destruction would allow manifest a new world, to form a new race of people that was not there before. Therefore, it is important now for you to send, where you train to be a single entity, learn to synchronize their energy with other co-creator (the teacher), reaching changes of space in the desired direction.

Time of isolation and separation takes place, new time is approaching — time spiritually united people of the planet Earth. Try to realize this and switch from their separateness to unity with all manifestations of a single entity.

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