Addresses of the Galactic Federation of Light on October 16.

Message of alli.

I AM alli — the representative of the constellation Pleiades. Today I wanted to get into the flow and transfer their energy through this Messenger.

Reduced the time available to prepare for the transition to the first peak of the Quantum (12/21/12), and all of you waiting for interesting events, about which so much to tell you. Now, the whole hierarchy of Light is set to provide you with all the support, both energy and mentoring. But how could we not help you, you will have to get better ourselves. You have to work on ourselves, to remove a undivine qualities away from habits which underestimate your vibration and block your development.

All you need hard work to such a short time to be able to change yourself. This much can not do. They begin to fear that will not have time to date. I want you all to calm down. Do not think about the time period of time, and work on yourself. Your vector of development, your intention says a lot, and it can take you outside support.

The fact that you could not do yourself, easy to make with this support. To do this, we are all light workers come to you and provide your support.

Although little time remains, but the process will speed up so that you're on a tight schedule varies so much, which can not be done at a different time. Therefore urge you not to estimate the remaining time, and devote themselves to work on yourself, use every minute to its improvement.

In recent years, the last message received a lot of attention to the energy of love, and it's not just so we all can see your flaws and see the path along which you will be able to address these shortcomings in myself. LOVE — the key. The decision of all, all the problems that you face. The energy of love pervasive, if you understand their rule and begin to let yourself, your attitude to life has changed: leave your anger and resentment, rivalry and competition, envy and hypocrisy. You become yourself and gain inner peace. Leave all your psychological stress, you will be easy and joyful.

LOVE define relationships in your new world, will give you the joy of creativity and life to a new level. For that to happen, do not just sit and wait for the arrival of the new century, now is the time to change.

Look carefully for their condition, learn to analyze it and by identifying negative qualities in themselves, eliminate them one by one. Look in any situation not capitalize and selfishness, and the benefits of the other. By doing this you will learn how to tame your ego and let the energy of LOVE.

I often had to explain all that spiritual development is the most important in your life. No technology, technology, and such knowledge can not give you a real good, do not allow you to be perfect, close to God, be with him one. So when we come to you for help, we will not accept you any technology, and strive to teach you to be spiritual, to get a higher quality of the soul, filled with the energy of love.

With the development of spirituality, any technology will be available to you in the future, past you, they will not pass. Do not think about them. Use the correct time for their development and the achievement of what is a major and not a minor in your life.

To conclude that my message and enjoy looking at your progress on self, finding the true qualities that give you advance, in union with the forces of light.

Message from the I AM THAT I AM

All the forces of Light are coming to you for help, and support, they all want your changes as soon as possible and joining the family of the Forces of Light, in which you'll be on equal footing with others.

The new century will be filled with a sense of joy and true creativity. Leave the difficulties of this world, many things will become available to you, and much becomes clear. But to reach the top, you need to go up consistently passing your level rise, gaining with every step of a higher level than you had before.

Requires the development of — climb to the top of the Spirit. And you have all that is necessary to make a successful ascent to the summit. Go. Slow and steady wins the race.

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