Adel Volsky: My father is not allowed to go to rallies


Arthur Wolski and son Levon. Narach.1966

There are no Belarusian, who did not know the names Wolski. And it does not depend on age, nor of political beliefs, nor of artistic favor. Senior mentioned "Nestserka" and tutorials on Belarusian literature Vitaly Wolski. Each detsadavets swoop may issue a couple of lines from the work of Arthur Wolski — at least

"Today is the celebration of our mothers,
Mom will come to visit us. "

And, perhaps, a rare young man did not know at the hearing of the "Three turtles" or "Absinthe" Liavon Wolski.

The fate of the family Wolski we talk toLevon Wolski and his twelve-year-old daughter Adele.

"He always led a column of veterans, put all his medals and awards and was legalized this column"

Arthur Wolski from the late 80s became a prominent figure in the cultural and national movement in Belarus. Leon believes that by the time his father, although he was very democratic convictions, but still was within the Soviet system, and even believed in it. Creative success and a good career Arthur Volsky allowed to go on liberty that are not vazhylisya others. For example, during his reign, Ming Theatre for Young Audiences all the documentation of the institution was conducted in Belarusian. And it is in the 60-70s. However, once the system is cracking, Arthur Volsky immediately sided with the revivalist movement.

Lavon Volsky: "Once started the" Martyrs of Belarus, "he once was in the process along with Baradulin, Bykov, there are even pictures … And then do not ever cheated on him. Even if the situation has changed again, you can choose who to go together, he would never have chosen the system. "

It's a fact, the most worthy of respect. For instance, Vasil Bykov in his memoirs, "Long Way Home" writes: "Writers in the new movement was a little bit: I Ryhor Baradulin, Arthur Volsky. That's all. Writers in most distanced from the BNF. "

Vasil Bykov, Zenon Pozniak, Sergey Navumchyk, Arthur Volsky, Ryhor Baradulin at a rally in Yanka Kupala Park. July 3, 1994

But just at this period of artistic and political paths of father and son parted. Swarming life of the time required the presence of these individuals in completely different areas.

Lavon Volsky: "I was engaged at the time self-fulfilling. It seemed to me that I have the career, the more that I had success with a certain group of "Mroya." We had a fight, the music. We sang at concerts there, is called for. And he (the father) is also the head rushed into this boiling stream of political warfare. Especially since it's regalia, he is a veteran. He always led by veterans of the column, put all his medals and awards and was legalized this column. With such political organizations to be together — I thought that the age I should not be. I wanted more of this, "ruhnyaka."

But the scene we declared the idea of freedom, and in the lyrics, of course. What has provoked such a creative crisis in the formation of "Dreams." After all, when collapsed, "scoop", this fight has become meaningless. We fought — and won. We tried to jump over the free art, but this formation it was not close. I had to say goodbye to this brand at some stage when he does run its course.

Arthur Volsky at the tomb of the Yankees Heniyush. 1994

— It is interesting that in the most active period of struggle for independence you were in different flows.

— Well, somehow it happened, I was still small — small psychologically. I may be too much to get the idea of independence, but my father was very happy about it. He even described it in verse.

— In what?

— Well, there it is, that "the son — and the soul and the heart of the Belarusian".

— And with his grandfather, Vitaly Wolski, who had a relationship?

— I remember that he always had been his grandfather. That's right — he's my grandfather. And he was such a man of science, very meticulous. I came to visit him for a holiday, drinking, telling something. And they gave me a book, "Planets of the Solar System", and I could watch her examine. There's so beautifully painted everything, no one had any of these books, and his grandfather was. He may have subscribed where some "pull". And when it ended, it was still a Czech book about dinosaurs and primitive people. I had enough of this for about three hours, until it all ended. And it was such a ritual. Or, if the kid really was, and my grandfather and I loved — he had me on my knees and planted all his medals hanging on me. And I'm all hung, and so I have fun. This year I was four. When the end medals and orders, he then hangs up the icons on me (he had a large collection of badges from different countries). Many books have been interesting — "The Tale of Igor's Campaign" in the wonderful illustrations Tabor is also very interesting to me was flipping.

"If you want to live such a school, as an army — or Soviet Belarus — then you're a moron."

Sergei Navumchyk that in 1990-1996 he was a deputy of the Supreme Council of the Opposition, recalls how politically important was the participation of veteran Wolski in the BNF.

Sergei Navumchyk: "The political result of August 1991 would not be possible without the extensive revivalist movement, and Arthur V. Wolski was a prominent figure in this movement. He was not involved in the creation of the Declaration of Sovereignty, or write political statements do not even remember having performed at the Diet BNF (but always attended the meeting). But his presence at the front was important not only as a writer, an intellectual, but also as a war veteran. Let me explain what I mean. All six years of the Supreme Soviet of the 12th convocation of many bills designed opposition Belarusian Popular Front, did not gain the required number of votes. Sometimes, we even managed to convince officials in something — but in the hall were thirty members of veterans' organizations, and that the 30 votes in the decisive moment, rushed to the scales and prevailed. In addition, members of veterans liked to claim (and often session sun was broadcast Belarus) that they shed their blood in war, fought against fascism, and the BNF Paznyaku not care about the feelings of veterans who do not care about how the veterans live, what their pension. And all the while saying that one and all veterans — against the collapse of the Soviet Union, against the redefinition of the role of the Communist Party … and other well, sorry for the word, nonsense rushed. And Arthur Wolski and his friends formed an organization of democratic veterans. Wolski, a man who fought, had war medals — favored independence, for democracy, for the Belarusian Popular Front. Especially important was his support Pozniak the 1994 elections. I remember, on 3 July 94th BPF our column moved to the Victory Square to lay flowers. First came Vasil Bykov, Arthur Volsky, Zenon Pozniak. And on the motion of the square we stopped by the police and riot police — along with the rebels so-called "Slavic cathedral." Law enforcement agencies acted in concert with the imperial chauvinists. Veterans, members of the BPF were not allowed at the monument — in
fact there had to come chairman of Sun Mieczyslaw Mushroom and the Chairman of the Council of Ministers Vyacheslav Kebich and "distinguished guest from Moscow," Russian Prime Minister Viktor Chernomyrdin. Lukashenko with his "young wolves" by the way, there missed. Arthur V. was very indignant. We then conducted an impromptu rally near the monument to Yanka Kupala (preserved photos of the day). And One point I want to mention. It seems to me that the presence of Arthur Volsky in BNF was very important for Vasil Bykov, as one person with him, and about the same generation (accumulated in the war) life experience. "

Friends of the "Belarusian democratic association of veterans of war" near the office of the BPF. 1994

— Your father was the head "Belarusian democratic association of war veterans." As they peraasensovvavsya military experience? Does the attitude?

— I can not say that the father is generally very little about the war. Just some excerpts. Thank God he did without wounds, somehow got out of this war, but went to 17 years. 5 years of the war, and even after five years because the male population was broken and there was not anyone "zabryvats" our heroic Soviet army, and left them for another five years. That's the family he is unconcerned about his veteranstva. I never cried, "I shed blood for you," as drink a hundred grams. Nothing that was not even close. Yet I asked him, because I was a boy, I wonder:

"- What are the ships?

— First, in this later on.

— What did you do?

— Well, I've been a sapper sea.

— How was it?

— Well, razminiravali. "

How are Twardowski know:

— Many times, went on the attack?
— Yes, it happened sometimes.

That's how my father.

— And the fact that you went into the army, it was natural for you?

— Completely unnatural. At that time I already had some bohemian man. We've played underground concerts, drawing abstract paintings. They lived in the mainstream alternative to absolute Soviet Union. For me, the army — it was a great tragedy … But at the time, to avoid this, it was necessary to have such a powerful connection that we have not had, or had to cut the veins themselves. I considered-eyed, but thought it was not mine. Two years of pity — a most fruitful period of 18-20 years.

If you want to live such a school, as an army — or Soviet Belarus, then you're a moron. Why there to give the child what he can learn there, what such knowledge? I, for example, a squad leader for storage and repair of vehicles, servicing airfields. I can not say how this technique to store. I can not share the experience.

— But your writing is war?

— That's because of this army, and it is present! Once a year, regularly visit me nightmares about the army that I was taken away. I said, 'What do you mean, I have already served. " And to me, 'No, you'll be more. " I said, "Well, I am a sergeant." They are: "Yes, you will rank and file."

And in the minds of Belarusians is war, so it implanted permanently. It is a toy war, from movies, cardboard. Even more candy than the Soviet Union. Because of the Soviet Union is no more, and we have, in Belarus, was the war's great. We were guerrillas. And the countdown is on our state of war — from the domestic, it is unknown what the fatherland.

Arthur Volsky at the rally to 78 anniversary of the Belarusian People's Republic. March 24, 1996

In the mid-90s, at a time when the political and cultural situation has changed, parents and son closer again. And even more — the popularity and credibility of Levon Wolski, who grew up with every show, and with each new album, finally put it on par with his father and grandfather. This is how it's Vladimir Orlov:

Vladimir Orlov: "The best work of Arthur Wolski, of course, was his son Levon. No songs Volsky, Jr. I just can not imagine today's Belarus. How can not imagine it without Vasily Bykov prose or poetry without Baradulin and Neklyaeva. "

— As a father belonged to your creativity?

— Good, good attitude, of course. My father was very happy that happening to me. It was, for example, in 2000, he said that at last a situation where I say, "So you're the father of Leon?" After all, I have all my childhood was: "This is your father, Arthur Volsky?." In school, for example, and in art school, and then the next.'s father was very happy about that and I often talked about it. And I'm still embarrassed and said: "Oh, come on!"

Wedding Leon and Anne Wolski. 1997

In no small measure contributed to the convergence and the emergence of generations in the family of her daughter and granddaughter — Adele Volskaya. It is now devoted to her children Arthur Volsky work. Among them are "Adelchyny towels":

Adel Volsky: "Arthur Volsky wrote about my life, but not all the truth there. He wrote that as a child I was not called him "Arthur" and Aytuy. " And another of my grandfather's name was not Stephen, and "stork". "Aytuy" because she could not pronounce the sound "p", and "stork" I do not know why. "

— And like this — read about themselves in a literary work? And not only that you are reading this, it is placed in the textbooks, it is read by your classmates, friends. They know what it is about you?

— My friend knows, but most do not read these books, and read to date.

Lavon and Adel. 2001

Lavon Volsky said that it was a revival in a strange way his father gave to deploy their talents in a completely different direction:

Lavon Volsky: He went to his death from his home in Green Luga Sukharava in some kind of school to spend there the lessons of the Belarusian language and literature, such informal. And then to me at concerts disciples came and said that they are so grateful to my father, it was so interesting. The acting was very human. He worked in theater for young audience, although he was already 70 years old, worked in the Popular Front, visited Adel. Adele still a good bonus fell because my father last couple of years was a Protestant. And they are coming Christmas gifts are usually small — from England, from Germany, from Switzerland. And Adel usually on New Year azalochvalasya, there were still so hungry 90 years, and there she was sent and flyamastery and everything.

And suffice it to some kind of preaching in the church, he taught everyone there "on the right path."

— As he influenced the education of Adele?

— And he brought the book because it gave these alternative textbooks on the Belarusian language and literature. And on a commercial basis, all this was done, they are well dispersed, and schools have used them too. He gave, and we Adel taught by him, too. She is now just shy of talking about it.

Farewell letter to Arthur Gregory Baradulin Wolski. 2002.

— Adel, and that in the work of the father to be pro
ud of?

— He sings and writes interesting. And just makes sense in these songs and stories.

— And how do you feel about the father speaks at meetings? Were there ever with him?

— No, I was not even once at the meetings, because they will not let me go.

— Levon, but Adel reminded again that you were an observer. You are in the activity more and more palityzuetsesya? Is that so?

— This is not politicized, in my opinion. We must go there to understand what is happening and if there is any fraud, then what is the mechanism of falsification. But if you're a media person, then say what you like, and you know these pro-government observers, who were sitting there, and the Youth Union, the sheep out there who are ready to pounce on a simple independent observer, and you just can influence this situation.

— But how?

— A ceremony to shout at them. There is even no control was not. We came up with Khomenko. They ask, "Do you want to watch? Watch ". We then come to the site to watch, not even checked the documents, nothing. "You do it accredited?" We say, "Yes." "Well, sit down."

"It is not going to be president of this country"


Father and son — Arthur and Levon Wolski — had different ways of fighting, and probably in many ways and would have reacted to the current situation. Although much that creativity Leon Wolski gaining political relevance and urgency, and he quickly politicized. Lavon Wolski has political ambitions?

Lavon Volsky: "From the podium — in fact, while not mine, I will not talk about the next time. Because while I do not know where I will lead the people have no political experience, it would be totally irresponsible. Certainly, I can bring to the area, say, 500 people, if desired. And what's next? What do I tell them?

— And my father would say that?

— But the father had the experience of leadership — and in time of war, and civilian. And there was the call of combat experience. I always went to the meetings — with the earliest ancestors. But as an ordinary mityngovets or with a guitar on stage, so that people were not bored. After the recent events — Dec. 19, Living, people wrote to me: "I wish you were not, because it was boring. And so you have time, then there would have been more fun. " I write a lot, for example, that "White-headed Duck and Grisha" — is the only thing that the "go" in this situation and frustrations after the elections and events you.

So far, my calling is — that was fun. As long as I can do it better than in the role of a political leader, I will do that and I hope that I will not soon wake up this hypostasis. And especially not going to run for president of this country, I often suggest. It is always risky, and I'm afraid that if I failed everything, even if I win. "

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