Aerospace forces prepare to repel an attack from space


As the commander of the Fifth Brigade Aerospace Defense (ASD), Colonel Edward Sigayev — his brigade, which protects Moscow and the Moscow Economic Area is in constant readiness to repel a possible attack from space.

Given that to date, no country in the world does not possess weapons capable of attacking Russia from space — some experts suggested that the Russian army aerospace defense is prepared to repel a possible attack UFO.

For example, the site of Alexander Barkashov recalled that back in 2008, during the U.S. presidential election, the three candidates promised to "finally deal with the UFO" and even "begin preparations to repel aggression from outer space" — writes portal "Press -Business ".

As is known, or that the campaign is designed to attract the attention of as many potential voters and the candidates themselves speak only of the problems that the current situation will provide them with an overwhelming number of votes. It's about the issues that unite all voters and the most worrying for society — is the work of social scientists and analysts. It is on these issues-oriented campaign, and it is to them the candidate must give an adequate response.

It is worth noting anxiety and urgency "of the UFO problem" in American society, as the three presidential candidates have paid special attention to it in the background mentally grasping the financial and economic crisis. It is obvious — the problem is much more important.

Coming back to today's statement Fifth Brigade commander Aerospace Defense (ASD) Colonel Edward Sigaeva, the author notes that it is now officially became known that the Russian authorities are preparing for a similar "repel aggression from outer space."

In response to the question "What is a UFO?" — Portal sends to the conference by Alexander Barkashov from 2009, in which, in particular, points out:

"I do not want to sound trite, I just know it. What you all call "UFO" and, as already recognized military and scientists are absolutely powerless against any human technology, and that fly is not one, two or three per month in different parts of the world, and is already flying through 40, 100 or more — this is the power of God, that a lot of evidence, including the Orthodox iconography, and in the same Old Testament. Such icons of ancient writing — a few dozen. As an example we can give you a picture of the icon "The Crucifixion" Serbian Orthodox monastery of Visoki Decani in Kosovo, Yugoslavia (mural created around the year 1350) ", — says Alexander Barkashov.

"This is the most important thing is that conceal the power of all the major powers of all nations. The forces of the Lord are in fact not only arrange the global earthquake, erasing all evil, global climate change … But the day will come when they are doing the will of God, will be easy to clean fire, and various other effects of the Earth range from everything unclean. And to begin with Russia because here the foot Throne of the Lord, "- the author continues.

"And to make things clear, as it is clear that you are a human dark in matters of faith, I will give to you and explain the main and the only Christian prayer that Jesus Christ gave himself the Son of God:" Our Father which art in heaven, hallowed be Thy name Thy kingdom come … ". It is on this line will stop your attention and explain that by saying that line, reading it asks the Lord to the coming of His kingdom in this world. Well, as the Lord on the throne of heaven, that his kingdom will fall on his foot, which he himself has the right to elect, for He created the earth and the people. He alone has the right to decide and choose. And he chose his footstool Russia, as it was told our Orthodox saints, and our people — the keeper of the foot of the throne of the Lord. And because all the impurities to be removed to the extent forces are ahead of the Lord in glory. Since the space of the Kingdom of God is not in all respects, the space of the world, the combination of these spaces will eliminate all the excess space in the world and unimaginable change the very essence of the world ", — says Alexander Barkashov.

"Which of the Russian Orthodox Church priests will tell you this truth about the most immediate time? For all that I told you deeply canonical. I can only add that you read the "Our Father", but did not read it for the record, but with heart and soul. And if we call upon the kingdom, and then call upon him sincerely and with the soul and not so little pobzdehivaya all prior to this global turmoil. Here you have the faith. The victorious will inherit all and everything. This is true not only of this world, but what is with the Father in heaven. And He created everything. Do you want even more? "- End quote.

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