Again Chelyabinsk shaking! Even the office «URA.Ru» rocked …

Chelyabinsk residents celebrate the unusual seismic activity: a metropolis once downloaded. Complaints about the "Tremors" are marked in the north-west of the city, near the shopping center "caliber" in the street Khudyakov. An hour ago, rattled windows in the Chelyabinsk Agroengineering Academy. Correspondents Chelyabinsk Bureau «URA.Ru» also felt the earth echo vibration in his office on the 8th floor of the house in the street Vasenko. Recent entries appear in the network "Vkontakte". The last time the complaints about "Tremors" appeared on April 10, and today resumed.

As reported «URA.Ru», mass complaints residents of Chelyabinsk vibration of buildings come into your city from the beginning of October 2010. "Tremors" is also recorded in the village Alishevsky, villages and Poletaevo Kaigorodova in Sosnovskoye area. There are complaints from the village of Pervomaysky Korkinsky district and village Timiryazevsky Chebarkulsky district.

Times that recorded by a group of "Earthquake-Chelyabinsk" social network "VKontakte". As a result, to determine the approximate map "seismic activity": the center, the north-west and part of the Soviet area — high-rise buildings are located in the lowlands, the wide side to the west and east. Tremors recorded seismic and "Artie", located in the Sverdlovsk region. Since the Southern Urals is located in the low seismic activity, a version that causes "Tremors" are man-made and can be a source of vibration blasting. In Chelyabinsk, civil structures, where would be carried out such massive explosions and as often as not. A version of the blast, which comes to the capital of the Southern Urals and Chebarkul range, where there is a disposal of old ammunition. Authorities in the region and the city of Yekaterinburg invited seismologists who have installed sensors in the regional center to identify the source of tremors.

November 15, 2010 Deputy Defense Minister Dmitry Bulgakov personally checked move munitions disposal under Chebarkul. This portion of the ammunition, which was destroyed in the presence of high-ranking military official, not to provoke another "Tremors" in the regional center — the vibration sensors in Chelyabinsk buildings are not recorded. Members of the band "VKontakte" not believe the general. They all agreed that before the general blasted smaller than usual serving. Later seismologists from Yekaterinburg confirmed that the vibration of buildings is nothing but the echoes of the blast wave from Chebarkul.

In December 2010, the governor of Chelyabinsk region Mikhail Yurevich out on the Russian Defense Minister Anatoly Serdyukov. Serdyukov promised to look. For a few months, all were silent, and now started again.
However, the forums have a new fantastic version of today's tremors. The Victory Day on Moscow to disperse the cloud. Bad weather were driven to the Urals — storm warning covered the entire UFD. And the windows are shaking from the impending storm, and residents have got used to think that the reason the military.

Albina Zolotukhin, © News Service «URA.Ru»

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