Akashic Records for November 2012

What energy and what events to expect in November 2012?

It would seem that this month will be very fast. Feels like it will be a short, but very active month. Many of you will have the feeling that time is speeding up, but despite the fact that the event will speed for a short time, everything changes. Imagine that you have a small child who is on the path to the right for you is your father or mother, takes you by the shoulders and turns in the opposite direction. Many of you will experience the feeling that life just took you and opened to 180 degrees.

This month, it is important that you do not see themselves as victims and did not think that you are helpless, despite the feeling that life rushes past you. It is important that you constantly, every day, sincerely accept responsibility for their actions. Be responsible for your thoughts and for all that you implemented in your life. Even if it seems that something is happening without your consent, I believe that some higher part of your personality has given its consent to ensure that you purchase the experience. Consider this for the benefit of you, even if it is difficult. This approach this month will allow you to keep your willpower. It will not allow you to let go of the steering wheel of your life. This enables you to use this month to work with change and continue to move forward, not back down and do not come back to the model of impotence, to overcome which may take months. This month, try to make decisions quickly and not lose your head.

All these changes are not necessarily negative. Many of the changes that will take place this month, you will definitely useful and exciting. Some changes will be difficult and hard to accept. But in any case, the best thing you can do — is to accept the changes and go with them on, because this month you will not get many opportunities to break. This month, you really do not have time, when you can quietly sit, relax and reflect on all the changes. You can begin to make sense of all the changes in January, but for now just have to continue to move with the changes, stay alert, try to say "yes" to try new things and accept what is happening, and not to resist and not to deny what is true for your life at the moment.

What steps will work with this energy the best way?

This month, many of you will be helpful in this sense of flow with the changes with the larger-than-normal body movements. This month, it is important that you allow yourself to feel the power and joy of being in motion. Such feelings can be reached on a walk, making a motion with his hands wide and wide steps. This feeling can be achieved by running. It can be achieved by jumping, swimming or cycling. You can physically move through the space, if you are able to move, it will help remind your subconscious mind that propelled change brings joy. Going with the flow and remaining alert bracing, and it helps you keep control of the situation and not all the changes will overwhelm you. Physical movement, exercise and joy-filled broad movements of the body will bring you many benefits. Do not underestimate the ability of the body to teach the subconscious mind in a different way to perceive reality. You have a tremendous forces associated with how you use your physical body.

So this is one exercise that will benefit you. There's something else that will help you work with the energy of this month. To move forward, it will be very helpful to talk to people. That's what we have in mind. If you have something on your mind regarding the relationship, or you want to share the experience of any kind, please tell us about it. Tell us what you think. Share your thoughts. Give what you care about. Do not keep anything in itself. Do not swallow your feelings and words in the hope that everything will be fine. To this you have no time. It is important that you be honest and frank with everyone with whom you work this month, it is necessary to continue driving. Share information, to avoid delays.

It is also important that you stay true to yourself. No need to be recognized in all and the time, but do not put off talking just for the reason that you want to avoid conflict or discomfort. It is better to share information to the movement continued, and that you have seen with what you really are working. You need to see the reaction of the other person and focus on it, and not waste time waiting or hoping that if you hide, everything will be solved by itself. This month is more important than ever to speak openly and share the truth.

What kind of social change we can expect and how we can best work with the collective energy of this month?

It is highly likely that, in November 2012. will be a lot of social change. Start social change that will occur in November, was launched in September. These changes include the revolutionary events in the Middle East and the U.S. election. Among them will be, and other social changes that will take place in various countries around the world. It can be expected that a large amount of information about these events will be available on the news. Many of the events that are taking place right now, give rise to discussion and dialogue, both in the media and in the homes of the population. On the surface there are social problems that make people all over the world to think about how to work together in the Age of Light. In the end, every social change helps you to discuss and decide how you will live in future generations. This occurs when events occur that seem negative, so you start to ask questions to which you seek peace, and what you can do for the world in general.

This month, do not shy away from dialogue. Do not miss news and information published by the media, even if they seem anxious. Do not worry if the published data is not completely true. This is due to the fact that the media process information in order to sell it, but the basic information and the main events are accurate, and they need to be discussed. The media can, at least, help to start a dialogue, and that such a dialogue, which is really important.

Social changes are not caused by events which in the news. They do not occur as a result of some specific choices or due to certain street protests. Social changes taking place in your heart and mind. They occur when communicating ordinary people around the kitchen table around the world. It is important that you let the information come to you, so you can take part in the dialogue. You have to think about what does this mean for your life and deal with what you feel and what you will to the world, in a dialogue with other people in their environment. This is the most important way to participate in community events.

At present time there are huge changes. Do not think that the events that are happening in your world right now — it's not the changes that you have been waiting for. Do not assume that something else be done that would bring change. The changes are happening now, and most of these changes — this is what you see on TV. It is how people change their way of thinking in their daily lives, and it is important that you take part in this. You, as a Lightworker, can bring to any discussion of the more encouraging, enlightened and compassionate approach. This month, join in the dialogue and look for ways to move the discussion into the mainstream of compassion, empathy and love.

What else do we need to know about the energy of November 2012.?

Changes that occur in your personal life and collective reality will bring you more opportunities in the future and lead to a more easy and fun way of life. Despite the fact that much has been said about the changes and challenges, as well as how to cope with what is happening this month, do not forget that it can be really exciting. Going through changes — it's like riding a roller coaster. Rollercoaster ride can be scary, and can cause an absolute delight, and it all depends on your point of view. Your experience depends on how hard you are trying to move forward with change. Avoid resistance and think of change as something interesting and exciting. Look for ways to do things differently to make some changes that will happen to you this month, there were at your own will. Then it will be easy to avoid resistance. Look for ways to carry out their daily activities is not, as usual, to make it more exciting. Look for ways to attract more people to the fact that interesting. This month is like a ride on the holiday. If you want, you can wait for his arrival with great joy. We offer you as much as possible to seek the joy and merriment.

Source material site "LightRay"

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