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Panic raised Turkish fishermen. They pulled out of the sea perekushennogo half dolphin. From a two-meter fishes remained only the head and torso, which clearly showed signs of impressive teeth. At the University of Istanbul, which rushed discovery confirmed that the marks on the dolphin are completely different from the wounds of the ship's propeller and probably belong to the teeth of a large animal.

Hastily organized search monster from the Turkish coast nothing. But scientists recalled that in the Crimea has long been a legend of the sea serpent, who is called Karadag monster …

Dragon from Russian fairy tales

For hundreds of years BC Herodotus tells about a mysterious monster that inhabit the waters of Pontus Euxine, as the ancient Greeks called the Black Sea. Monster was dark, almost black, with a large body, like a mane comb and a long fleshy tail. Had huge claws, glowing red eyes and huge mouth wide, dotted with several rows of sharp teeth and long, resembling a shark's teeth.

Monster moved across the water at high speed, significantly exceeds the speed of the Greek sailing ships. Ancient mariners noted his huge size — up to thirty feet in length! Raised them moving waves could compete with the strong storm.

In the XVI-XVIII centuries the Turkish military and the captains of merchant ships on voyages between Istanbul, the Crimea and Azov, regularly reported to officials of the Sultan of the Black Dragon. Saw him, long before the conquest of the Crimea by the Russian troops, and the Don Cossacks, who had gone on long sea trips, which is reflected in the Don tales.

Somewhat later, meeting with the Black Sea monster and told the officers who had served under Admiral Fyodor Ushakov.

"In 1828, the police captain Evpatoria filed a report to the higher authorities of the appearance of the county a huge sea serpent with a cleft head, and the likeness of the mane. Snake attacked sheep and suck their blood! Other evidence of the same year is the Kerch Peninsula. Witness testified, one-armed herder noticed something shiny under a bush, like a ram's skull polished rain. Just like that, nothing to do, he hit with a stick on the skull. Suddenly, the impossible happened. has occurred as a silent explosion: soared uprooted bush, shot up club dust "

Emperor Nicholas I, who, like Peter I, differed great curiosity, has introduced a rule that all the vague, confusing, mysterious and miraculous occurrences and phenomena, the case throughout the empire, were to report to him personally. Having heard about the Black monstruze, he immediately ordered to send a scientific expedition to the Crimea.

As the monster is most commonly seen in Karadag, works on his search was made primarily to conduct there. As a result, scientists from the Russian Academy of Sciences, found the egg, which weighed twelve pounds! It naturally split and found the fetus inside the dragon's head, topped with a crest. Found near skeletal remains of a giant with a strong tail scaly-armored structure.

The Red Army did not catch a monster

Numerous reports of encounters with the Black Sea marine monster store archives. One of them refers to the summer of 1915, when in full blazing glow of the First World War. One night, when a German submarine surfaced off the coast of the Crimea to ventilate the compartment and recharge the batteries, Captain Gunther Profner, standing on the bridge, he saw at a distance of not more than two cables awful lot being nearly silent dissect waves. Night was the moon, and the officer had discussed quite a monster in the binoculars. Was the thought immediately shoot it from boat guns, but something stopped the captain, and he was afraid of a collision with a huge reptile, ordered immediately sink to the depths.

"The existence of the legendary Black monster tells in his memoirs and the famous Russian poet Maximilian Voloshin. In 1921, he became a witness of how the area Karadag sent a whole company of Red specifically for the capture and destruction of the Black Monster. Population could not fish for fear of his attacks . However, for quite some time on the beach promayavshis without wing Red Army back to the barracks with nothing. This "share" wrote a local newspaper clipping from that Voloshin sent his friend the writer Mikhail Bulgakov, who later wrote in explanation of the incident, his famous novel Fatal Eggs. "

In the thirties and forties of the XX century in the Soviet Union there was a desperate shortage of control over the press, and the existence of any publication in the Soviet Union of anomalies, including dragons, were suppressed by the censor.

Story Vsevolod Ivanov

In May 1952, the Black Monster lucky enough to see the famous Soviet writer Vsevolod Ivanov. It happened near Feodosia. The writer watched a flock of dolphins frolicking in the bay, and suddenly noticed near them big yards 10-12 in the circle, a strange tangle of seaweed.

"" Smoking a pipe, I started to watch the ball of algae — wrote in his notes Smith. — Tangle deployed. Unfolded. Fell. I still believed and did not find this algae, as long as it is not moved against the current. "

This creature was swimming undulation to the place, where the Dolphins, that is to the left side of the bay. It was great, very large, 25-30 feet, and thick with top desk, if it turned sideways. It was half a meter under water meter, and I think it was flat. The lower part of it was, apparently, white as it allows us to understand the depth of the water and the top — dark brown, which allowed me to take it as a weed.

Monster, twisting, as well as floating snake swam slowly toward the dolphins. They immediately went into hiding.

Not catching dolphins, and may not be thinking of them chase, chudovishe curled into a ball and carried it over to the right again. Again it was like a brown stone, covered with algae.

The assignment to the middle of the bay, just to the place or about to the place where I saw him for the first time, the monster turned and again, turning toward dolphins suddenly raised his head above the water. Head in the size of the scope of hands was like a snake. Eye of the reason I have not seen, from which one can conclude that they were small. Two minutes holding the head above water — with her running down large water droplets — the monster spun, her head in the water and quickly uplylo the rocks, closing Carnelian Bay. "

Devourer of dolphins

"Already in the eighties of the twentieth century, the sea serpent resting met Gregory herd. Here's how he described it an unforgettable experience: I ran to the beach in the morning, no people. So it was that day. I lived Presented hurried down to the sea, undressed and flopped into the water. Set sail about two hundred meters, lie on your back, rested and was just about to swim back, as noted in the waves near a dark spot. Dolphin, perhaps — thought. Which there dolphin! above the water seemed a huge head. From fear I yelled as I could and rushed to the shore. lasted all of a few seconds, but what he saw I remember for a lifetime. monster's head was greenish, flat … "

"In 1994, the Geological magazine published a long article Director Karadag Reserve P. Semenkova, an account that December 7, 1990 a team of fishermen that came to check the network, abandoned in the Crimean coastal waters, faced with a strange mystery. Chains were dangling. When come to the ragged edge, they found entangled dolphin — bottlenose dolphins. pulled up to his nose dolphin motofelyugi, fishermen found his stomach vykushen one bite. bite the arc width was about one meter. "

At the edge of the arc on the skin could be seen clearly dolphin teeth marks. The size of the track — about 4 inches. The distance between the teeth marks — about 1.5 — 2 inches. All along the arc was 16 marks.

Inspection dolphin lasted no more than three minutes. Animal species and current blood caused by the worst panic among fishermen. One of them cut off the grid, a dolphin fell into the sea, and fishermen at full speed away from the area.

In early spring 1991 the fishermen brought in Karadag reserve another dolphin with those teeth marks on the body. Dragged him out of the network, which was installed in approximately the same place where you found the previous bite dolphin.

Eighteen months later, almost nose-to-face with the Black Sea monster worker Feodosia City Council V. Belsky. It happened on August 12, 1992. The day Belsky swimming in the sea. After emerging, he looked around and, to my horror, I saw a huge snake head close up to half a meter. Swimmer struggling and rushed to the shore, jumped to the ground, hiding behind the rocks. After a moment, in the place where it was before, the monster's head appeared. Belsky saw it clearly, even spotted skin and horny plates gray on the head and neck.

Mysterious companion bathyscaphe

"The next attempt to draw attention to the mystery of the Black Sea made in the late nineties journalist Vladimir Shcherban. Here is what he wrote on this subject:" It happened in the Black Sea during the dive underwater laboratory Benthos-300. At a depth of approximately 100 meters of one of said hydronauts as on the right side flashed a long shadow. For a creature lazily meanders swim up to the window. seemed that it carefully considers his bulging eyes of man. hydronauts No one had ever seen before. creature was like a huge snake silver. People grabbed their cameras . But to film the creature did not have time: it rapidly went to the depths. "

"In the time of the meeting with a mysterious stranger from the sea depths of the crew rest after watch. And suddenly flew from the stern voice: Beast! Clearly, sleep like a hand lifted. '"

Mutant of hydrogen sulfide environment

"Virtually all collisions with sea serpent occurred and are occurring, according to experts, a long time dealing with the question of the existence of the Black Sea relict creatures in three areas of the coast: Ayu-Dag (Bear Mountain) — Small lighthouse, New World — Sudak and Koktebel — Theodosius. "

"- Under Theodosius a few years ago was the last meeting with the serpent, — says Alexander Terekhin local history. — Some cave divers checked the Turkish and dive unarmed they feared. Two divers, a husband and wife, came down from the boat at a depth of 60 meters. A a few minutes after reaching the depth in violation of all rules of lifting emerges husband. With a wild cry is taken on board, pushes friends and falls from the deck decompression. woman is not surfaced. Her search ended in vain. "

A man managed to bring to the hospital and pump. But from the decompression and stressful experiences he has gone mad and is now in a psychiatric hospital. They say that afraid of the dark and always raves about some monster. See him not even allowed relatives.

"Death akvalangistki ascribed in Feodosia the serpent is not the only one. Few years ago on the east coast of Cape Kiik-Atlama right at the edge of the sea found a strong young man in shorts and a mask, a master swimmer, who died of a heart attack."

"- Snakes can not swim very fast, so the dolphins and other fish, he is likely to hunt from an ambush and is long in one place. From the coast for more than six or seven miles, he also did not sailed and should have something somewhere sort of permanent residence — says Terekhin. — The best place for it — Karadag. underwater caves there. "

A local resident Alexander Paraskevidi stored tooth monster. Rotten, red-brown color, length of six inches. According to the Turkish ichthyologist Arif Harim, the analysis of the tooth, it does not belong to any known fish.

— I picked it up a couple of years ago in the rocks, near the village of Little Lighthouse. He stuck to a small piece of wood, cast ashore on the beach, — says Alexander G.. — Maybe it was from the late 30's, when it was attacked by a monster on a fisherman-Tatar. My father told me, came to the rescue as a cry for help comrades rescued Tatar. It then became paralyzed, and he died a month later.

Many oceanographers refer to the stories and eyewitness accounts of the Sea Dragon is extremely skeptical, arguing that the Black Sea only seven thousand years. Therefore appear in it ancient reptiles simply nowhere.

But earlier it was believed that the newly discovered organisms on the seabed can not be, — says about the candidate of geological-mineralogical sciences, member of the Institute of Marine Hydrophysical Elena Sovga. — It appears, however, that hydrogen sulfide, which infected the Black Sea — a mysterious, little-known environment with considerable potential in life. It can therefore be assumed that hydrogen sulfide environment there have been some mutations that result in the Black Sea and any life forms unknown to us …

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