Allies against aliens


Much has been written in the press about how Adolf Hitler and the other Nazi bigwigs kind to the predictions of astrologers and their priests. But the question about their attitude to the aliens almost never raised. This is despite the fact that a number of very serious researchers believe that the problem is just ignored. Was suppressed for many reasons purely military nature: it is very much of the military and technological heritage of the Nazi Reich went to many countries of the anti-Hitler alliance.

By the end of World War II allies have not had for each other trust, and the West seriously began to fear the spread of communism in Europe. That is why the Americans and British rather carefully concealed much of what captured in Germany as a trophy, especially materials from super secret military laboratories and secret research institutes.

At that point, the U.S. has required the support of the Soviet Union in the fight against Japan, so they could not break the alliance, though it has created the atomic bomb, which is prepared to lose.

Much of what today speak or write the researchers and historians in the West, it may seem absurd or fantastical much: too unorthodox and therefore unacceptable are the facts.

However, over the many unsolved mysteries, stretching from the Third Reich, you should seriously consider.

The fact that the Nazis were very persistent and even successful enough to work towards building a nuclear bomb and other advanced weapons, as well as what they have achieved by the time of unprecedented technological heights — an indisputable fact. Many Western scholars believe that they managed to achieve only through constant contacts with representatives of … alien. Moreover, these contacts were far from isolated or even anecdotal.

Even before Hitler came to power in Germany actively developed areas related to the search for the origins of the Aryans, and the location of the legendary Shambhala. This was done for Psychometric that would have helped the Nazis to win quickly dominate the world.

To this end, Tibet and the Himalayas sent many secret expedition.

Today, the speculation, while it has some serious reason that one of these expeditions found crashed UFO and came into contact with his crew. Presumably this occurred in a remote mountainous area in the Himalayas.

Nominated and other options for the development of these events: one of them Germans captured the crew of "plates", otherwise they accidentally discovered the base of stay of aliens who did not expect such aggressive intruders. In any case, the contact has occurred.

The most likely researchers consider the version of the UFO crash and subsequent contact with aliens, and on "mutually agreed terms". The aliens allegedly received from the Germans all the materials to repair their starship to continue an interrupted flight, and the Nazis gained new inaccessible to earthlings knowledge and technology.

It turns out that many of the outstanding scientific achievements fascists in fact could be the result of information received from extraterrestrial civilizations. In support of this release, a number of venerable independent experts and researchers believe that in those circumstances where Germany left many scientists from around the world, and existed for many years in the schools of this result no longer in operation in this country simply could not develop any scientific and technical innovations. But, nevertheless, Germany possessed by them.

With the end of the thirties of the last century, just fifty seven submarines, four years of war, Germany was able to create on their more than 1,150 yards and ultra-modern submarines and send them to the system, so that they took part in the fighting. And it is against the background of an acute shortage of many strategically important materials for the war, and even in the last two years — under erases everything on your terrible bombing allies.

It must be admitted that the Allied command has experienced surprisingly enough, mixed with shock, closer acquainted with the captured intact by German submarines. Unlike Allied submarines they were almost silent underwater stroke, and this fact makes them difficult to detect by sonar. At the same amount of fuel allowed the boats to operate at a distance of eight and a half thousand miles from the main base, which was considered incredible for the time length.

In addition, these U-boats were on board a lot of devices that were not available on any other one, which once again gives cause to reflect.

Also, American and British military archives contain a lot of reports and reports from pilots, in which they reported to his military commanders that during their flights over the territory of the Nazis once they have met with a very strange flying, like the British helmets, very reminiscent of the shape of the notorious "plates".

German and Czech media in the early nineties of the last century reported that the readings are stored in the archives of nearly twenty soldiers and officers of the Reich. Data face
during WWII on duty were in Czechoslovakia, in the Protectorate of Bohemia and Moravia, one of the many secret landfills Germans, where it was created and tested a completely new weapon that has been developed in secret laboratories.

From the testimony, it follows that in the late fall of 1943 witnesses were present at the trials of top secret and rather unusual aircraft having a kind of silvery disc with a size of about seven meters, having in the center of a truncated cone and a teardrop cabin. And some of them said that this strange device was on board service in a gun-type tank. In the lower part of the structure entirely made of shiny silver metal was established by two pairs of small chassis on each side. The fate of this extraordinary machine nor soldiers, nor the officers, nothing more was known.

It is quite natural that the question arises: is not this a strange vehicles seen British and American pilots in the sky over Nazi Germany, and why they did not see the Soviet pilots, the number of flights that were incomparably greater. Although based on the Soviet ideology, we can assume that our pilots have seen them, but remained silent because SMERSH was given a subscription to disclose this fact.

Leads to very serious thought and powerful rocketry, owned the Third Reich. In the U.S., recently leaked information that in the early nineties of the last century, after 47 years of absence, returned to earth from the squad, it's hard to imagine — three Nazi astronauts. According to the information they allegedly splashed on the surface of the Atlantic Ocean, the second of April. Of these, while very young pilots for the unique space expedition allegedly taken only on the personal order of Hitler. They even kept his handwritten greeting wishing good luck at the start.

At the same time, according to experts from NASA, who wished to remain anonymous, this made even in Nazi Germany, a powerful three-stage rocket was launched into space in 1943 with a test site in Peenemunde. It could be used by the Germans in both the scientific and military purposes. But the most surprising thing is that in a strange way is the same date and the above-mentioned tests of unknown aircraft, made of silver metal in an "plates" and the launch of the rocket into space with three cosmonauts on board. And if these were not sent "messengers" to visit an alien civilization in the name of higher interests of the German nation?

According to leaked information, the nearly fifty years of absence from the home planet "ambassadors" have not changed or even aged, and they are absolutely no idea how much time is missing, how much time has passed, and what kind of changes have taken place in the world. This can be only by alien technology, which could have taken "under the wing" this German rocket already immediately after the start, and after that led her on their own, and it is possible — even through hyperspace.

Almost all of the facts and circumstances of this, strangely similar to the fiction, historical Indeed
immediately were strictly classified. Numerous journalists who tried to get into NASA or confirmation or denial of this fact, failure to meet the information, but this information is not confirmed or denied. In any case, even if the message is actually — is true, then the astronauts returned to Earth from the Third Reich have a vast mass, very unique, information, and it is believed that the disclosure of this information, the U.S. authorities are not interested, which, however, is not surprising.

And this is not an exhaustive list of all the facts that favor the version that the Third Reich actually had quite some contacts with aliens who have been on planet Earth on its own initiative — voluntarily or because of certain unexpected or adverse to them circumstances.

Yes, and the duration of contact with the aliens and how to implement them contemporaries can only guess all is a deep secret. However, do not be amiss to recall that all the time odious Hitler stubbornly insisted on the establishment of a "wonder weapon" of retaliation, but that he was referring to specifically, so still not clear.

However, in any case, it clearly was not a nuclear bomb, as the Fuhrer stubbornly refused to use atomic weapons, strange as it sounds. It is possible he was hoping for a speedy return of their astronauts 'guest', pulling him new
data, or the arrival of any other galactic expedition, which promised to provide the Nazis very serious military aid. In any case, the mysteries and ambiguities are more than enough.

Mystery of the Third Reich explicit contacts with aliens so far remained unsolved. This is despite the fact that many of the facts and, most importantly — not brought to its logical conclusion the scientific and technical projects for the Nazis, have fallen "inherited" to some, allied with the Soviet Union, the States, sometimes forced to shudder and terrified even now advanced age. Among these projects are the ballistic sverhrakety, stealth aircraft that can not be searching with the help of radar, the development of psychotropic substances. Or maybe it is not the whole list of "gifts" aliens, and the rest is very safely hidden until better times.

However, all of this — only speculation, speculation and quite a bit of truth, so definitely give an answer to the question whether the Nazis had real contact with aliens, or did not, is not yet possible. This will reveal the secret of contemporaries or aliens themselves, or found in the deep recesses of the Reich secret documents. But so far no one nor the second does not, therefore, have to be based only on indirect evidence.

To top it off I want to say that the allegation that the alien higher intelligence certainly has a high degree of humanity, based only on the usual infantile desire of human beings to all was well, and not otherwise. But, in reality, if the contact is ever going to happen all of a sudden, people suddenly find themselves in the forehead may encounter with the totally indifferent to the fate of our unfortunate aliens. Or worse — with the aggressive and misanthropic Space superior race, in its ideology into something resembling a Nazi.

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