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In most families of prisoners of the KGB jail ongoing problems with the correspondence. Alexander's wife Daria Otroshchenkov to solve exposed KGB ultimatum.

Daria Otroshchenkov husband Alexander from December 20, is in the KGB remand prison as accused of involvement in the events of December 19. During this time, Daria wrote to her husband of more than 30 letters, and from him received only two short messages, of which she learned that Alexander received from her, too, only two letters.

To Alexander Otroshchenkov no access to a lawyer, and his wife probably does not know what happened to him now, how he feels. Daria Otroshchenkov decided to send a complaint to the KGB that was not provided by the law guaranteed by correspondence.

"That I will send them today, and then I will write to the prosecutor, if nothing changes. After all, they are actually breaking the law. "

But this woman is not going to stop. Daria Otroshchenkov says that if her letters to her husband and did not reach, it will seek to return them to her, including through the courts:

And if they lost them, otherwise we will understand — through the courts.

"To my letters were either from him or from me. And if they lost them, otherwise we will understand — through the courts. After all, they do have a certain moral value — it is a great moral loss that he did not receive. For me, it is of great importance. "

Problems with the correspondence are in fact all the relatives of prisoners of "American", which take place in the case on December 19. Some relatives of former presidential candidate Andrei Sannikov or coordinator of "European Belarus" Dmitry Bondarenko, received for 50 days for only one note. Most have two or three letters, all point out that according to the information from these letters it is clear that most of the letters to prisoners does not reach.

Mother Paul Sevyarinets Tatiana wrote to her son 7 sheets, but not certain, that at least one of them reached the addressee.

"With Paul's correspondence, I do not see the feedback. One need only imagine what and how. "

Reporter"And somebody else could he say?"

"Apparently, they write. Including those who do not want their addresses are known to the KGB, write to our home address. Already a whole stack of these letters has accumulated. "

From the reports Anastasia Palazhanka her dad Vladimir Palazhanka realized that it did not reach to the letter, signed by specific friends. And here are some anonymous messages still get through.

"I wrote that came four cards without a signature. Which is very nice. So I realized that nothing but my letters, and these anonymous, it does not pass. Although I know that she writes and friends. "

Another feature of the KGB prison correspondence with the outside world — letters from inmates can come half broken, as was the letter of Alexander Klaskouski either PUNCTURE angles or some notation. Relatives of the prisoners noticed that it was the letters they received before January 31, when it was a question in the European Union to impose sanctions against the leaders of Belarus.

Olga Bondarenko Committee of the relatives of the "liberation": "The impression that was suddenly canceled orders not to allow correspondence and letters that have already thrown in the trash immediately sent to all recipients. But after the 31 th, when sanctions are imposed and the need to create a good impression disappeared, everything was back — again, no letters. "


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