Anomalies of Chernobyl

Anomalies of ChernobylFor Vyacheslav Sergeevich Konovalov stretches infamous. At home, on the balcony, he keeps in the "vaults" such that the neighbors call the police just right. Zhytomyr, where he worked in the Agricultural Institute Konovalov, his is not adored. Moved to Kiev — history repeats itself. Professorial whether the case: roam in areas affected by radiation, on farms, in maternity hospitals, and even worse — digging latrines!

Mine there is something invaluable, from his point of view, for science. A particularly ugly animal and human. And the shock surrounding folk forecasts: they say, if you do not reconsider their own business to the environment, all the mutants become … After the Chernobyl disaster Zhytomyr region was in the middle of the most deprived areas of Ukraine.
And konovalovskie students in the main guys from the village, came after a vacation with horrible stories. Like, in one farm was the fruit of eyeless pigs, animal husbandry was fired for shortcomings in breeding work. In another farm was born eight legged colt. It remained only to come back at the designated address, and where for the funds, which sought to get a bottle of Miracle-Judaic.

— Newborn calf black and white breed — with 2 heads, 3-ears, a cleft trachea and peritoneum — generally immediately buried out of harm's way — remember Vyacheslav S.. — The heat has been … it dug a little washed from the column, wrapped in rags and I'm taking home by bus. And passengers just go with the mind, and I understand them — "What is all stink, and?"

— In eighty-eighth year in Berdichev I could agree with the midwife and get a six-month male fetus. It aborted the lady who worked at the local factory kozhevydelochnom. She Macha of strongest of toxicosis. The combination of radiation impact on the cells of pollution wobbly plus heavy metals and salts that "glory" of the company, given the disastrous result … The doctors had surgery care. I just need mummify and preserve the fruit — as a warning.

This tiny coffee, did not become man embryo open mouth mute clicks …

Lies next to the fruit, struck ahandroplaziey "dwarf disease." Aborted in the eighty-seventh, in the long-suffering Narodichi district center.

— Usually fixed ahandroplazii one case per 10 thousand population. But in the Zhytomyr region after Chernobyl this anomaly began to meet more often. Exclusively in my collection were four instances of — remember Konovalov — but two later stolen. Broke down the door at the department, open the safe … and eight-legged colt "hiss" and the cow skull with 4 horns. Who and what are they good for? My collection proves that the mutation does not appear after a few centuries, and even now, at this moment. To some, this is not really necessary.

Vyacheslav S. much a hand to make the world about Ukraine evoked quite hidden things. First 90's he was using all the "crust", carried in the Chernobyl zone, which is already a regime, foreigners: geneticists and fellow journalists. Especially memorable Novograd Volyn home baby, where the sixty malehankih martyrs innate pathologies of development. As such, for the orphanage itself was unique, with cool spices and simply bewildering courage and sympathy to people.

— Children, in fact, doomed, fed fifteen times a day, drop by drop, with spoons and pipettes …

The result was traveling documentary film "So far, we live …", footage of which corrodes the soul and mind. Later woke up in the Ministry of Health of Ukraine: the priests, gathered ugly pile up! And anyone who did not die until then, "pre-packaged" for other similar institutions adjoining areas. To get lost in the mass.

Official medicine says bad consequences of Chernobyl, of course, take place, but to dramatize the situation, even more so with an eye to the future, not worth it. Konovalov also holds a very different point of view. Catastrophe and eighty-six, he believes a massive catalyst for mutagenic processes that affect all biological systems.

— Our Crown device, like a sponge, absorbing different accumulated differences. Here are comparisons of Dr. med genetics Buzhievskoy. Early 60's: the rapid development of nuclear power, the first nuclear tests. And the end of the 60's, the picture in Kiev hospitals — twelve percent pathologies against natural 4 … Khrushchev inspired by American claims of rampant chemicals used in agriculture. Result of the 70's — 20 percent three pathologies. In the 90's our inheritance worsened Chernobyl and social failure — already 20 6 percent of infants can be attributed to a "freak of nature"! Where will continue to deteriorate?

Next is really nowhere to go. Creepy artifacts from the collection of Dr. Konovalov shelter "on the basis of the public" in one of Kiev schools. Officially it does not exist. Authorities seem so convenient: no mutants, no and difficulties …

The fact that so far as very reluctantly. In 1986 — 1987 years the ladies of childbearing age living in polluted areas of Kiev region, Zhytomyr, Chernihiv, recommended to protect themselves from pregnancy. And for those who are ready to become mothers, in consultation gently encouraged to have an abortion. On ultrasound and prenatal diagnosis in remote rural areas did not think anyone, even though chances of having a "little creatures unknown" were significant.

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