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Recently, a few people got similar questions about the future: what awaits people than myself will mark 2012, will there be a new era for what it is, whether to wait for the "end of the world", will be different than life in the near future from today.

With these questions I turned to my grandfather, and his answer is always to motivate the development and improvement of search — to expand the knowledge of the cosmos and the divine law. He says that will give a ready answer only those who are not interested in that person who is responsible, it hastened his idea and opened a mortgaged Creator information. Harmonious same (correct) answer is that inspires people to work on himself, the good actions and bright aspirations — to forgiveness, mercy, repentance and purity.

Do I need to tell me that again had to read certain amount of literature, and even familiar with concepts such as lightning, electromagnetic fields and radiation, electric charge, interstellar gas, cosmic rays, protons, ions, plasma.
Grandpa said that in ancient writings've told that today's scientists are aware of many things. The only drawback that all available information is not new, but is bound together and makes sense at the right level, so it is unclear or simply people or scientists.

On the question whether the large-scale natural disasters, grandfather replied that harmful unpredictable natural disasters do not happen.

— As it does not happen? More as it happens! That hurricane, an earthquake, a flood, all sorts of different disasters.
— Ignorance of the law of life, human nature causes distress. When a deaf and blind person to a living space earth, he does not understand and does not feel that staying here needs the space that the earth is tired and need to force it to restore. Life on the planet is the process beautiful, perfect, and what is happening is natural and predictable! Causing harm to the person himself, when not to hear the call, scream of nature that will be cleaning and change. And because the process of life perceives man as a catastrophe.

— How can we understand, just do not know how to listen to the language of nature?
— People are able to listen and understand a lot.

— Who? Where?
— One who communicates with animals, trying to understand them, know that they are good predictors.

Yes, on the internet I found a lot of stories about how pets are saving people, cats know in advance where there are any damage, and a flood in Thailand animals fled to the mountains.

Read a book by Nicholas Roerich "Shambala", which literally refers to our time and forthcoming events (they were referred to in many books, but just a lot I do not understand it), at least in this book, and confirmed many of the things which were spoken by my grandfather, I is found with which to argue and what to ask.

In confirmation of what has been said for a long time about my grandfather retired tells that in 1924 began to embody the Spirit Warriors — "invincible army ruler of Shambhala for the last fight." Or this from the internet: "Many of the other exalted personalities, affluent, ages wishing to incarnate on earth at this time. The fact is that in this period of the planet descends set of pure devotees of the Supreme Lord, and fellowship with these individuals spiritually elevated open to reasonable people of all ages the opportunity to achieve in the Kali Yuga the highest spiritual perfection. "

— What is "My sign Dame lightning"? East of Gesar Khan as our Perun, armed with thunderbolts, boom — it's lightning. It is that, in all the world will be threatened? Can this happen?

Yes. Lightning phenomenon is not fully understood by scientists today, but available information is that lightning can be different and there are often coming from the cosmic flow.

— And where would those lightning or "heavenly fire" referred to in ancient writings?
— Outer space is inhomogeneous — planets, stars, space dust, gas, rays and clouds. Life of the Cosmos, like the Earth, the movement is continuous. The planets, star systems, galaxies — all moves in space. Since the solar system is not the first time, just a few minutes, will take place abroad, the one that the "cloud of charged particles" called. You have long known example is the sphere.

A long time ago on TV saw a report from the show, was surprised this invention: clear, perhaps a glass bowl, and in it, in the center, a small ball, when someone touched his hand to the glass sphere, from the hand are lightning ( electrical discharges) to a small ball. I wondered why there is an electric current, lightning, and the one who touches the glass of the outer sphere shock does not hit. Then I realized that inside the sphere (around the inner sphere) set up a special space — electric field. I think, who better understands me in physics, understand and be able to calmly explain it clearer. Even heard that there is lightning on other planets.

So our solar system for a few minutes will go to the cloud of charged particles (hydrogen and helium), from this and will push for changes including magnetic. Areas (fields) of the sun and planets are under the influence of these particles, the Earth will manifest the electric field and in many places are likely numerous electrical discharges that occur from the negatively charged particles. And these particles are changing not only the composition of the air, but are able to freely enter the cells and atoms of life, but in general all work on the atomic level. So?
— Yes. It's simple and logical. The movement of the planets, star systems in the space of the cosmos. And many thousands of years ago, the phenomenon is known to be the people. It is often the case, it is not new and beneficial. Will last only a few minutes of the phenomenon is, but the right place, great, outstanding people, and for the prosperity of the whole earth!

— I do not know. Shifted Earth's magnetic grid, increased solar radiation, and now it is not clear charged cloud, the electric field of lightning. In what is beneficence? In Roerich also talked about the return of some incredible wealth hidden until the time after the event to lightning, will find all the people.

Great energy to wake up the world. Oh, how wonderful future! Myself think, the Earth comes out of the dark spaces of the Cosmos, and the output of this mark is the boundary that the cloud was called. About her oldest vedrussy know. They could not! Saved! Was told! Science imagery perfectly possessing, in the millennia of him kept the knowledge that are necessary for people today.

— What did they do that?

His grandparents strongest energy, knowledge and feelings, as if shackled inside those cells, genes, blood-related descendants passed them, making themselves weaker, unfeeling nature, all life has weakened.

Did you know that long ago, in the Vedic period in the life of the planet, people have the knowledge much more than now. They knew that the planet will be dark, firm space cosmos, they know that this period is over and the earth will come out of the darkness, to know how to come out. And I knew that at this point you need to save energy and knowledge. And the density of the destruction and the darkness did not destroy the subtle energy, cut off their progenitors in themselves. Voluntarily they hid their confidence, as if sending to sleep. So feelings vedrussy asleep. Voluntarily deprive themselves of great abilities, strength, gifted creator. All in order to give it to posterity, and to save the life of the Earth.

Invented grandparents wisest way to transfer knowledge in the future for their descendants. Not predict now help people, and all the familiar rituals and words that have kept the memory of ancestors. An era of revival of ancient knowledge, the great awakening, unsurpassed capabilities, and feelings. Each start waking up those asleep once energy-feeling.

— Unclear. Well preserved rites, and we do not understand the value now. A new technique of awakening the energy which one?
— Why, it is very easy! Earth will pass through the purification. You know the phenomenon of pure air after a thunderstorm?

— Yes. I read that after a storm in the air, there are negatively charged ions. They curative health and destroy pathogens or inhibit their development, something like that. Lamp Chizhevskogo pendants for air ionization. Realized …

Again, I will explain, scientists from many countries use for medicinal purposes information about the charged particles. The Internet is full of all on the subject. There is a heavy charged particles — positive ions. There are easy — negatively charged. So, when our way of life disturbed the harmony of exposure of these particles. Healthy, negatively charged particles is in the air after a thunderstorm (after Lightning), the waterfalls, the sea, the mountains, coniferous forest, in nature. We, spending most of their lives indoors, deprive ourselves of the cleansing power of healing, instead of getting harmful heavy positive ions. Negative ions, on the level of microparticles, clean everything — space, and the body. In just a few minutes, they kill many pathogens.

Conclusion: these lightning or that there will be (bits, the field is better described, I do not know) can in a short amount of time to clean the entire biosphere of the planet and affect the lives of organisms.

Grandpa called this cleansing, awakening, transformation, and scientists say that there will be changes of organisms at the genetic level. Grandpa says that through this transformation, people start waking up to God and laid progenitors hidden knowledge and power. Yes, it will take place at the gene level, because the information is hidden in the DNA.

— Wow … what is this new energy, can you tell?
— I can not. Cover more of them, although there are already in the knowledge of many. After effects of charged particles on the planet, you know that the microorganisms, like all living things will change, right? Appear, or rather recover, wake up and power will find the ones that thought il word of men feel and understand.

— What's that? ..
— You've read that children discover new energy?

— Yes … well, I remembered a Megre in the fifth book read that in the near future will open new energy! Similarly, the same microorganisms desire girls perform! These metal in seconds ate destroyed weapons still clocks move. Wow! Here it is explained! I realized the simplest laws of physical phenomena will give rise to the cleansing, change of living organisms and, therefore, the emergence of new energy with which a person can feel a lot of control and physical phenomena using biological creatures — microbes.
— Yes that's right, just not in the appearance, and to the discovery.

— How is it?
— All of these microorganisms, and now live. They are just much weaker. They now understand the man, listen, act.

— C'mon … tell me clearly and with examples.
— Well, I will tell more detail and clearer. This is the primary source of knowledge, which have managed to keep the progenitors to the present day, through the establishment of special ceremonies. Do you know the word "prayer", "conspiracy", "evil eye", "damage"?

— Known. All this is related to the information exposed to the good and to the bad, so what?
— That's right, it means that you agree that there is an impact on the verbal person. What are the words and feelings that can help the other il himself to restore health, and there are those that are harmful.

— Yes, I agree, of course, but do not understand where is the microorganisms.
— And now hear microorganisms people! In every man there is the tiniest creatures that like to hear the thoughts and feelings sent to other people. Distance for these small creatures do not make any difference.

— Well, well, anything goes …
— Oh, how wisely our ancestors, they were able to preserve the knowledge that is necessary for the life of their children. You know that sincere good word, prayer effect on people, no matter where he was. They can heal. Well going on in the human body? Restored harmonious level of microorganisms — healthy, necessary, strength gain, and overcome harmful. Restores the energy balance of the body and the soul. Think of this phrase — a blessed person receives. Word — a set of vibration frequencies. Each organism has its own life-frequency, its range of vibration. Already using today's doctors of this knowledge for therapeutic purposes.

— Understood, but there is bioresonance therapy, exposure to microorganisms certain frequency … wow, and I was not thought of before. But what about the damage?
— Words spoken in anger, il with envy any unkind feelings affect other organisms — they are called pathogens. Those organisms gain strength and begin to multiply. He feels at this man? Malaise, fatigue, trying to heal sores.

— So, to cure word said with kind feelings and everyone can? Conversely, point damage, only, pozlosloviv?
— Yes, micro-organisms perceive instantly sent to a man of feeling and expression. They perceive and act bestowed by someone vibrations.

— Wow. And if someone does not send anything special, just gossiping with someone about a person is said to "wash the bones?" Also, perhaps, affecting?
— Yes, micro-organisms and so absorb information, and act according to the resulting energy.

— Wow … you know, if such microorganisms also gain power … and people will realize something is not right, what to do, but now everyone?
— We must learn to influence the information on the blood. Clean.

— People will realize at once that they are doing … but no one knows, as you say, the information to work with blood.
— How can you not know how? Everyone knows how! Grandparents, were able to maintain this knowledge, in their great service! Blood, like water, liquid, and the water all know how to influence the information.

— The same words?
— Yes! Only words in partial influence.

— And what else?
— I have already said that the feelings will wake up, the sensitivity will increase many times in every person. And people will start to feel the energy and force of nature — space, Earth. In blood cells is not in vain in their everyday life "iron" is called. Iron is known to be sensitive to magnetic radiation. A light, these have the planet, technological devices, but at the most.

— Oh my. Not only that, people will wake up the power of thought and speech, and so more and hypersensitivity appear. Here, truly, for some it will be called "end of the world." After all, people are now living in some places, it is not suitable for life, but for the sake of money. In pathogenic areas live and work. And that, they will feel these effects?
— Yes. But the awakening of new forces will not happen immediately, but gradually, though, and quickly.

— And what do you do then?
— Like what? Enjoy their new feelings, to leave places that are not suitable for life, and to live where the benefits will be for the body and soul — in the ancestral estate, in harmony with nature.

— That's right … if a person will feel physical pain from electromagnetic radiation equipment or electrical wires, it wants to or not, will have to move to the village. To live in a hut kind of natural materials, light the stove and carry water from the well. Now I understand why some future events are called "end of the world." They used to live, unfeeling, blew up the mountain to extract gravel, and here again, and began to feel the pain area.
— Yes, many people will have to rethink, to raise awareness of many times, and direct action to correct their past mistakes. About the charity would like to remind — energy healing, it is important. Soul Fire is called mental energy today, manifested in time to come, it will be visible glow.

— Oh, and about the fire, I also read, and Nicholas Roerich in the early last century painted "Burning of Darkness." It seems that this is, like, well, that awaken in people a sense of original sources, which wakes asleep once civilization wakes the senses, effort, or revive old ones — new energy, people will remember the power of thought, will learn a lot. On the other hand, I see that some people like to sleep, they are satisfied with the life they lead today, they did not wake up like.
— Sleep was possible only in the dark — in the dark, but it is being held. At dawn must take the energy going with the whole universe, the power to take on the day of the great and light.

— So, if everyone wakes up, then see what reality?
— The ones that I have done to date.

— That's right, someone will like it?
— So the new energies will allow their actions to correct. Of prosperity, health, harmony, love and joy to send their forces. The glow of unprecedented world awaits the entire universe, it is rejoicing!

In the legends and stories of different encrypted grandparents knowledge necessary for today, and their behavior, rituals have managed to keep, carry them through the centuries. Now, maybe some do not understand the ancient rites and legends, superstitions of their calling, however Well known to many that the grandparents, step one did not do nothing, just like that. There was not an empty, meaningless words, vain and harmful movements were not, any steps — all done with meaning, with a great goal.

In ancient times, thousands of years past, all our ancestors knew of the coming trials descendants. They tried, their lives dedicated search of how to help future generations, although used as a grain store of knowledge, great energy, which could be destroyed by the darkness of space. They found able and carried in the centuries to form a different behavior — sleeping. That's because the plain — sleeping awake at Daybreak. After all, everyone has their own rhythms — the smallest particle of a man, the universe. There is a day and night and night and it's time to Daybreak. No one can change the order of the cosmos, the Divine Law.
Oh, how great deeds grandparents! To be able to leave only the smallest particle of his blood his descendants, all to ensure that in due time she woke up and shone with fire and great strength. Worthy ancestors good memory and glory! Glory to our great grandparents! Glory! Each has its own prayer can be that cleanses the blood and helps, I'll give it here:


Glory to our ancestors, the Father Almighty, Omnipresent glory, the glory of Mother-Earth, thanks!
Glory to my family, parents, grandparents, all my family and humanity, the glory!
I confess to his ancestors in their hearts for my sins. I confess to his parents, grandparents, to my native, before the human race, so forgive me. Forgive me, Father Almighty and the mother earth for my thoughts weeds, rubbish for my soul.
Yes, I'll get rid of the weed thoughts from weed words of ailments, from spoiling of my soul and my body, and I will clean as the Source of Life. Yes, I will help my grandparents glorious wise my ancestors, God help, so help mother earth.
So leave me spell dark, but will avoid the evil tongues, but perish oblivion, but too much will disappear from me.
God be in my Light of Mercy, peace be upon me the light of men. God be my love, faith and joy, peace be upon me the strength and wisdom. God be with me the wisdom and blessings of my ancestors, my ancestors, wisdom, strength, and protection of my kind. God be with me Light of the Father Almighty, Mother-Earth. Stay in the light, with wisdom, power, love, strengthening the will of the Father Almighty, but stay nice and Slavs. I know, know, my word is solid.

Galina Joyful

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