Arctic climate has changed with Moscow

Atmospheric processes in northern Siberia long run through the winter scenarios, and really cold area over 25 degrees already covers a land area comparable to that of Western Europe.

But to say that winter has come to the region — not to say anything, and once again marvel at the versatility to be the Siberian climate. "Troublemakers" in the region was a cyclone, the vortex has brought in the "heart" of the Arctic warmed by the Gulf Stream air, resulting in the island Wiese set a new record maximum temperature: +0.5. By the way, even in the center of Russia last day was cooler, the Moscow Weather VVC maximum thermometers "measure even" just +0.4.

But such a course of weather processes can not but rejoice, because heat anomalies are preventing the Arctic ice, making more and more real apocalyptic predictions 

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