Armament PAK FA successfully tested

JSC "Corporation" Tactical Missiles "successfully implementing a plan to test and pre-production of new aircraft weapons, including fighter 5 th generation (PAK FA), said the CEO of Boris Obnosov.

"The development of weapons systems PAK FA goes according to schedule, which is designed to provide timely, given the country's leadership serial delivery of the combat vehicle as a parade of the Russian Air Force as well as our foreign partner — India," — said B.Obnosov.

He noted that "the number of weapon systems for fighter of the 5th generation are pre-tested on other types of aircraft, which act as a flying laboratory."

"As the number of incoming aircraft at a proving ground test program PAK FA aircraft weapons have increasingly been going on the main type of aircraft," — said B.Obnosov.

According to him, "for a number of products are in the final testing stage for him is the preliminary preparation for series production, on the other — trials are ongoing."

"Completed tests missiles Kh-31PD, RVV-MD, RVV-SD and RVV-BD. On the way out — the X-31AD. I note that the new export development corresponds to the best world standards, and a number of indicators surpass them. It has no analogues in the world guided missile RVV-BD, which has high efficiency at large distances to targets. In place of a unified antiship X-35E comes a guided missile of a new generation of X-35UE, which significantly extends the ship's combat capabilities of the complex type "Uranus" and land "Ball." The guided missile Kh-35UE nothing inferior to the latest versions of the U.S. "Harpoon" and superior to other well-known in the world of missiles of this class, including the French "Exocet" — said B.Obnosov.

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