As Marx would say about Cairo?

An article in Foreign Policy magazine devoted to the analysis follow the experience of revolution and is subtitled "History repeats itself, and the revolution — even more so."

The historian is difficult to observe the latest developments in Egypt without a sense of deja vu. Have not we already seen similar spikes in the streets and squares somewhere before, whether in Tunisia a month ago, in Iran 30 years ago, or in France more than two centuries ago? Will Hosni Mubarak new Zine el-Abidine Ben Ali, Mohammad Reza Pehlyavi or Louis the sixteenth?

But the juxtaposition of past and present — is not just salty game. Revolutionaries more than all other political activists tend to consciously imitate their predecessors. In this sense, the most serious, the most significant events that change the reality, often, paradoxically, are the most traditional and the actors take their cues from dramas set in other times and in other places, and often use the script originally written for all the other theaters .

Fully article is posted HERE.

Translation into Russian HERE.

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