Astronaut from the United States broke the record

Astronaut from the United States broke the record of work in open space

American astronaut Sunita Williams set a new record for time spent by a woman in space.

Williams broke the record of another American — Peggy Whitson, who has spent in space, a total of 39 hours 46 minutes.

Williams and her colleague from Japan Akihiko Hoside on Wednesday came out in open space, to try to install a new power supply.

By the time Williams broke the record Whitson, she was already in deep space 2:00 12 minutes. The entire operation, which is carried astronauts to take them more than six hours.

Total station supplying electricity to four power supply. Last week, the astronauts could not establish a new device because of a jammed bolt. Astronauts hope to solve this problem by cleaning the bolts brushes.

As stated in NASA, there is no danger to the ISS, the station but need all the power supplies to operate at full capacity.

Whitson was a member of two expeditions to the ISS, during which it six times a spacewalk.

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