At the book fair mention arrested

Belarusian writers at the stand independent publishers at the book fair say words of solidarity with the prisoners of letters — Vladimir Nyaklyaeu, and Paul Alexander Feduta Seviarynets.

At Minsk International Book Fair in eight independent publishers together on one stand. The exhibition area is only about two square meters. However, on the first day here met with writers — Vladimir Orlov, Algirdas Baharevicha, Adam Globe, Dmitry Cherry.

Some have used this platform to express solidarity with the prisoners writers. Before his autograph sessions Vladimir Orlov and Algirdas Baharevich remembered by name arrested — Vladimir Neklyaeva, and Paul Alexander Fyaduta Sevyarinets. It is for this reason that Mr. Baharevich decided not to boycott the market:

"I really wonder how they feel publishers, authors, translators, all gathered in this book fair. For example, I personally feel ashamed, and I think they, too, should be ashamed of it. At the time when this country, Belarus, writers are in prison, writers prisoners, there are such people around fairs and pretend that nothing bad happens, that life goes on, their publishing business is booming. But I would not say that I have heard a lot of people. After all, there is a permanent exhibition and the movement of those who passed by the booth of independent publishing houses, they heard what I said. "

People around pretending that nothing bad happens, that life goes on, their publishing business is booming.

At the fair, however, not seen any of the books of the arrested writers. Moscow publishing house "Time", which published a book of poems by Vladimir Neklyaeva "Window", on the eve refused to participate in the exhibition. It decided to wait for the release of the poet. Also, there is no contact between the authors, which are printed in the public and private publishing houses. Some Ukrainian publishers and writers urged to boycott the show.

Baharevich"In fact, an independent publishing house in Belarus no where to go with their products. After all, places where they can imagine it, not so much. And so it was possible to do it right — to take and say we boycott and not go there. But you can make smarter. We are, I believe, made trickier. I am well aware that we deserve all came here, some reproaches. But we made smarter, and I do not know why we should be ashamed. After all, we came in and said what we think. "


Dmitry Vishnev held his autograph session, but dispensed with the performance. He finds a small part in the exhibition victory independent private publishing houses:

"This is not a political move, and above all artistic and cultural side publishers. Nevertheless it is necessary to mention that such a stand was not in previous years. And secondly, were organized performances by famous writers who have no limits in words. And that's very important. "

Maria Martysevich

The hostess stand Maria Martysevich said that at the beginning of the organizers of the exhibition, all the content of the exhibition is asked:

"I think they were afraid of what we reklyamavali yourself on the Internet, today announced that we have here alleged fascism and Fyaduta. Ally came, they saw that there is neither fascism nor Fyaduta — and calmed down. "

In the following days at the booth will be other meetings with Belarusian writers. For example, on February 12 will present his new book, Anatoly Vertinskiy and Ales Ryazanov.



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