Australians are risking their lives filmed birth waterspout


According Avoca residents, located in the Australian state of Victoria, witnessed a rare natural phenomenon — a water spout.

Unusual event occurred off the coast at a time when it was flying the helicopter. Journalists were able to film a riot of nature. Despite the fact that the aircraft was dangerously close to a tornado, no damage car has received.

Waterspout like a regular, the difference lies in the fact that it carries a lot of water. Such a phenomenon of nature can capture livestock out of the sea or ocean, and carry it with you, throwing on the ground well away from the coast. Sometimes waterspout huge force can throw deep in the continent, and small boats.

Most often this phenomenon occurs over water in the warm season in the subtropical and tropical latitudes. By the force of waterspouts yield tornadoes, in addition, they are less distance by land. The life of a tornado is usually about 15 minutes in diameter is not more than 100 meters, the speed of the funnel up to 100 kilometers per hour.



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