Auto: SOS / Car SOS (Season 1/7 episodes) watch online

Auto: SOS / Car SOS (Season 1/7 episodes) watch online
Take one beloved, but much tattered machine, add the owner in need of help, secretly taken away by this car The well-equipped workshop, within 3 weeks of its flavored lubricant, paint and know-how in auto repair, and then return it to the unsuspecting owner, seasoned with a generous portion of a surprise ..

1 series. Kosvord in decline.

In this series, the duo was asked to save the Ford Sierra Cosworth — a legendary car, the ruler of roads and racetracks 80s. When — that this Koshi loved, but after a home accident for more than fifteen years he rotted in the garage. Men will do everything possible to save this sporting legend, but they have only three weeks. Reincarnate this powerful Ford in the old street rocket or a British bucket of nuts?

2 series. Boris Beetle (Beetle Mania)

In this series Auto SOS, the team will undertake a car with painted bubbles from which the owner of the continuous pain in the head. Beetle Boris. Now the duo came to the southern coast of the UK in order to save the beloved but abandoned Volkswagen Beetle. The owner of this Beetle Nathan thirty-three, but gave no distress signal, he and his mother and wife.

3 series. SUV Phoenix (Phoenix Jeep)

In this series, the guys will have trouble to bring back the famous military car, South American Army SUV since the second World War. An old battle stallion survived the recent catastrophe. None of the items can not be missed, and the tension continues to grow … SOS … Avto SUV Phoenix …

4 series. Fiasco Fiat (Fiat Fiasco)

This week the men are engaged in a car — a lover of the sun from Torino, the owner of which had almost everything to survive. Seductive contours machines hide the awful truth. Find Parts lead Tim into ecstasy. But will be able to see, unusual reincarnation return vexing owner satisfaction? Avto SOS … Fiasco Fiat …

5 series. Ford UK (Anglia Angels)

In this series men restore traditional home car Ford, UK 60 — s. This Rusted bucket, falling apart before our eyes. This machine needs love and participation. And what a result of a sudden!

6 series. Rovers Return / The Rover's Return

7 series. Triumph Stag / Triumph Of The Stag

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