Azerbaijan will prepare an atlas of mud volcanoes in the world

Azerbaijan will prepare an atlas of mud volcanoes in the world.

This was said to journalists on Wednesday, Vice-President of the National Academy of Sciences (ANAS), director of the Institute of Geology Akif Alizadeh.

"There are around 800 mud volcanoes, 250-300 of them are located in Azerbaijan, where about 100 years dealing with issues of mud volcanoes. Today Azerbaijani scientists take part in the preparation of the atlas of mud volcanoes in the world, the presentation of which will take place in 2012," — said Alizadeh .

Mud volcanism is a great geological problem, said the vice-president of ANAS.

"In this regard, Azerbaijan — a unique area where conducting a comprehensive study on the size and dynamics of the mud volcanic processes. Here systematically manifested and mud volcano eruptions of mud volcanoes are observed," — he said.

According to Alizadeh, Azerbaijan holds the appropriate monitoring and study the composition of fluid ejected from volcanoes, their age, the composition of gas emissions.

"We have repeatedly appealed to the Executive Power of Baku and the government of the country in order to avoid some of the built up area near the mud volcanoes" — said Alizadeh.

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