Bataisk rabid fox attacked a man

Bataisk rabid fox attacked a manIn early June, the city hospital Bataysk came native with the unusual "catch." In the bag for Victor Poluyan was a dead fox. Told male physicians, red beast attacked him in one of the garden communities, where he is giving. It was about noon, when the summer visitor went into the house to rest. Hearing the noise, the man turned to the sound and met the gaze of aggressive animals. When not good Patrikeevna clutched his leg, Victor is not abashed and began to choke him. The man was stronger beast. But only after the fox ceased to show signs of life, the man felt a strong pain.

Plunging production in bag bataychanin immediately recovered her to the doctors. In the hospital revealed that he had fractured his left wrist, and the animal is infected with rabies. Man immediately received treatment, now his life is not in danger.

— Fox attack on man in our area — not exotic — said "KP" Deputy Chief Medical Officer of the Rostov region Evgeny Kovalev. — And that no one is safe. This year alone, there were two or three such cases.

Thus, according to epidemiologists, in the first three months of this year on the Don were laboratory confirmed eleven cases of rabies in animals, mostly foxes. Recall Frenzy — this deadly disease, which can save you from a timely appeal to the doctor.

Olga Gopal

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