Bebonic 3 — bionic prostheses worthy of the Terminator

Artificial limbs moved completely to another level since the company began development RSLSteeper bionic arm bebonic. The third version of this product is simply amazing his ability: it can interact not only with solid objects such as a bottle, but fragile …

Watch Dentures Bebonic 3

RSLSteeper company has created a third version of its bionic prosthesis. Nigel Auckland, who has lost part of the upper limb, was lucky to become the owner of the myoelectric arm, called bebonic3.

bebionic3 not only looks like a real hand — it provides complete freedom of movement. Each finger is controlled by a separate motor controlled by microprocessors. bebionic3 topped with silicone glove. There are a total of 19 different colors gloves.

The prosthesis does not allow us to feel the objects to which touches. In addition, individual finger movements still remain inaccessible.



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