Belarusian nuclear power plant Russia is shining again

Sergei Kiriyenko, CEO of "Rosatom", today announced that an intergovernmental agreement on the construction of the Belarusian nuclear power plant could be signed before the end of the first quarter of this year, and may start to dig a pit in September.

"We have agreed on a schedule during his stay in Minsk," said Kiriyenko ITAR-TASS. On He said, feasibility agreement should go to the end of June, and in September, according to preliminary calculations, the Russian side, the contract can be signed. If the Belarusian colleagues will complete site preparation time, said the head of "Rosatom", in September, the same can start and earthworks.

Earlier, after his meeting with Belarusian Prime Minister Mikhail Myasnikovich, Kiriyenko said that the two countries will build a nuclear plant, "according to the logic of the union state" and that "since we do not build nuclear power plants anywhere abroad." Construction of the first phase of the Belarusian station Russia plans to complete in 2017, the year. Kiriyenko said that it could be the end of 2016.

The certainty of the contract with Russia meanwhile has recently been called into question. Before the elections in Belarus, where the Russian-Belarusian relations went through a phase of mutual criticism and aggravation, the advance had confidence Belarus USA. During a meeting in Astana, Hillary Clinton and Sergei Martynov signed a statement in which the U.S. expressed support for the construction of the Belarusian nuclear power plant. The parties have declared plans for cooperation in the nuclear field.

Now the big Belarusian order again "shines" Russia. Meanwhile, today the Iranian ambassador in Moscow, Russia publicly added to complete the construction of the Bushehr plant. Mahmoud Reza Sazhadi warned that Russia could lose credibility builder of nuclear power plants globally, when he finally completes the construction of the Bushehr plant. The station is built at intervals of 90 years. In mid-January Sergey Lavrov stated that the launch will take place in the coming weeks.

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