Bicycles are in demand

MOSCOW, June 1 — RIA Novosti. Muscovites have already managed to "disassemble" a bike in the first half of the opening hours of bike rental, the deputy mayor, the head of the Department of Transportation and Development of road infrastructure Maxim Liksutov 

On Saturday, Sergei Sobyanin with Liksutovym and head of the Department of Culture visited Gorky Park, where they opened the first BICYCLE. Sobyanin talked with cyclists and asked how they assess the measures taken by the authorities for the development of cycling in the city.

Cyclists welcomed innovations and expressed the hope that all initiatives will be continued. After that, the capital's mayor took the newly opened bike rental bike and accompanied by cyclists rode through the park Gorky. Visitors to the park, seeing the mayor, getting out mobile phones and filmed it on video.

"We have today is the first day when I started to work extra charge bike rental. In the first hours registered about 1 thousand people, and 500 of the thousands of bicycles already taken. People ride, which suggests that it is in demand thing, "- said Liksutov.

According to the mayor, the pace soon in Moscow will be difficult to rent a bike, so you need to attract new banks to participate in the program of development of cycling in Moscow. "I talked with Sberbank, they are also willing to participate in the creation of products. I hope that there will be even more rental points "- said Sobyanin.

Currently in Moscow, installed some 30 bike rental, in particular, on Gogol, color, and Nikita Chistoprudny boulevards, Pushkin and Pipe squares on Petrovka Street and Grand Nikita. Those who want to rent a bike must register your bank card online rental and pay the subscription fee.

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