Bigger, Better, Faster, Stronger / Bigger, Better, Faster, Stronger / Season 1 watch online

Bigger, Better, Faster, Stronger / Bigger, Better, Faster, Stronger / Season 1 watch online
Coleman loves all ennoble and to blow up, but he was still Pagey talker, but with a keen eye. Their resourcefulness, the brain and the possibility undergo the traditional test.
Weekend with home appliances. Two enthusiasts and team assistants. 100 times, 100 times better, 100 times faster, 100 times stronger and a thousand times more dangerous. Bigger, better, faster, stronger!

Series 1 — Hoover / Vacuum Cleaners

The teams need to gather over the weekend vacuum cleaner more powerful than is available in the free market, per se, which will suck up larger particles. Do they have to all work smoothly day or two. After that, they will clean the carpet "after party." Each team will be given 10 minutes for something that would vacuum the carpet sprinkled with sawdust.

Series 2 — Mailbox / Mailboxes

Teams are given two similar mailboxes serial standard. He is impervious to all weather criterion, but to go out for the mail to yourself more, because instead of this, you can sit with a glass of whiskey. Problem Coleman and Paige — how can you faster to deliver the mail from the box into the house at a distance of 50 meters. And so, both teams have only two days, which would have to come up with an accessory to deliver mail to fifty meters in the shortest possible time.

Series 3 — Toaster / Toasters

With ordinary toasters have to waste a lot of precious time to produce food and this must be corrected. The teams have a weekend that would make a toaster bigger, better, faster and stronger. After that, in the resurrection, they will arrange a competition — who will cook faster and eat toast 4.

Series 4 — Shower / Showers

Of early Saturday afternoon, Coleman and Paige get sour homemade device. Do they have 48 hours to do it bigger, better, faster and stronger. Now they get to upgrade showers, because as they note — the climate on earth changes and consider irresponsible to take a shower for 20 minutes to take a luxurious shower. Over the weekend, both teams have to do shower, which cleanse the body, but for all that uses a minimum of water. In addition to the verification process is one of the team members must personally accept the upgraded shower.

Series 5 — Garbage / Waste Disposal

No one likes to waste. Fortunately most of it can be to get rid of using the chopper. The teams have a weekend that would do to make it more, better, faster, stronger. And on Sunday, they will check — who will be able to get rid of the garbage faster?

Series 6 — Barbecue / Barbeques

Barbecue — it's the only thing that stands cook man. But even the latest models Barbecues need at least 10 minutes, which would make a dozen sausages. Now the teams will rework Barbecues and cook it with a dozen hot dogs as possible faster. Apart from that aspect of the sausages will be ready in the middle of their temperature is over 70 degrees.

Series 7 — A cup of tea / Chores and Tea

A cup of tea — a beautiful thing, if you bring her some. If not, it's a very long time, while the gentlemen there will always be things interesting. The teams have a weekend that would make electric more, better, faster and stronger. With it in the shortest time necessary to prepare a cup of tea, as well as the time to do something else. For day or two of household kettle they need to do something more exciting, something that can do other chores.

Series 8 — Juicer / Juicer

Orange juice is even more useful and more suitable beer for breakfast. The teams managed by Coleman and Paige have a day or two, that would make a juicer is bigger, better, faster and stronger. On Sunday, the results of the competition, we define — who can make faster 200 ml of juice.

series 9 — Dryer / Clothes Dryers

Drying clothes on a rope — is yesterday's day, this is only for the elderly. A busy person needs a dryer. When pressed for time — essentially, what would it work more efficiently. The teams Coleman and Paige have a weekend to do the drying of the bigger, better, faster and stronger. On Sunday, they will receive a basket of washed clothes and there will be only 10 minutes that would have to dry it. Then the laundry will be weighed and compared results.

Series 10 — Lawnmower / Lawn Mowers

Mow the lawn — a painful lesson in the intervals between drinking beer. This week, the team of Coleman and Paige must make lawnmower bigger, better, faster and stronger. On Sunday, we know — who is faster postrizhet lawn 3 by 3 meters.

All about everything. What? How? Why?

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