Bird watchers are asked to feed the birds because of the severe cold in the center of the Russian Federation

Ornithologists call for city dwellers to feed the birds that can be killed without the help of a person because of all-time for the central region of Russia frost.

These "Epiphany" cold prevailed in Russia for more than a week. Kamchatka, Novosibirsk, Kyzyl and Moscow hold an all-time low temperature for December. In the metropolitan area, according to the Hydrometeorological Center of Russia, frost will continue for at least five or six days. Meteorologists say that such anomalies were observed in 1938.

"In cold weather it is important to feed the birds, for the birds, especially small-scale, energy reserves needed to survive the long, cold nights. For a short day, they need to replenish energy reserves and save up for the next night. So dressing for them is of vital importance, they can just die without it "- told RIA Novosti President Russian Bird Conservation Union Viktor Zubakin.

According to an ornithologist, the best food for small passerines will roasted sunflower seeds, millet or wheat, for tits — pieces of calorie-rich fat or oil. White bread will like all Waterbird species left on the "cold" winter in the capital. However, the expert noted that brown bread is not well suited for feeding ducks, as in water, it can sour.

In this case, an ornithologist called upon everyone starts feeding birds, not to stop it through the winter.

"The birds are guided by the feeder, you know that there is a constant feed. And if you suddenly stop feeding them, they may die, because to find another place to feed them is not always possible," — said Zubakin.

As for bird feeders, here, according to an ornithologist, fit and pack of juice, and a plastic bottle, as long as they were made windows of sufficient size. If the feeder is made of wood, it is desirable that it had a roof, the snow did not fall asleep treat for birds.

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