British scientists have discovered 12 new undersea volcanoes in Antarctica

MOSCOW, July 12 — RIA Novosti. British scientists have discovered 12 new underwater volcanoes near the South Sandwich Islands in the Antarctic, seven of which are active, according to a research center British Antarctic Survey.

"The team found 12 undersea volcanoes, the height of some of them more than three kilometers, and one of the craters left after the eruption, reaching a diameter of five kilometers," — said in a statement.

In addition, the researchers identified on the map seven active volcanoes that "stick" over the surface of the sea as a chain of islands.

The discovery was made during an expedition of the Royal Research Ship James Clark Ross with special equipment to scan the seabed.

Photo: British Antarctic Survey
British scientists have discovered 12 new undersea volcanoes in Antarctica

According to the researchers, the results of the expedition will help to understand the "technique" of underwater eruptions and to determine what effects, including tsunamis, they can cause.

"Too many things we do not understand about volcanic activity under the water — it seems that these volcanoes are constantly in a state of eruption, or any other change. Technologies that scientists can now use, provide an opportunity to bring together some knowledge about the evolution of the earth. They also help to shed light on dangerous to human natural processes "- said one of the researchers, Dr. Phil Lit (Phil Leat), whose words are reported.

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