Bronislaw Komorowski: Poland should support the opposition in Belarus

Bronislaw Komorowski said that Poland is doing for the Belarusian opposition more than any of the countries of the European Union. However, the "do nothing for Belarusians can not be ripen the situation in Belarus, should mature and elite."

Komorowski does not agree with a rebuke from the leadership of the Polish national-conservative party "Law and Justice" that Poland's eastern policy has failed in Belarus.

Polish President said that the foreign policy be flexible. On He said, Poland is constantly trying to do something, hoping that flexibility will be exercised and the other side.

In Belarus there are thousands of Poles, and politics under the banner of "do not try to only negotiate" would be suicidal for them, the president said.

Komorowski also said that the lack of good software Eastern politics — is Europe's weakness. He said he tries to emphasize the importance of the policies in conversations with representatives of Poland's western neighbors — such as Germany and France.

This is the BelaPAN with reference to the Polish Radio.

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