By Nyaklyaeu lawyer allowed to Khalip — not

Lawyer Anna Bakhtin is seeking a meeting with her lawyer, journalist Irina Khalip. The lawyer of former presidential candidate Vladimir Neklyaeva recently received such a meeting. Journalist Natalia Radin in Kobrin visit Belarusian and foreign journalists.

From the first day of his work as a journalist Irina Khalip defense lawyer Anna Bakhtin began to seek a meeting with his client, who remains under house arrest. While this is not possible, according to "Freedom" the father of Irene Vladimir Khalip:

Vladimir Khalip

"She's trying to get a meeting with Irina, filed the appropriate papers, but as long as they consider, negotiate and so on — may be refused and — most of all. We will see that then, but now there was nothing. Irina feels good, it keeps. Reads mostly. And Danica does not begin to believe in our version of what mom and dad were leaving somewhere, and says that these people must bring and dad. "

For a long time his client — a candidate for president Vladimir Nyaklyaeu, also concluded in the home — could meet lawyer Tamara Sidorenko. The other day, such a meeting took place, had the opportunity to be present during the last interrogation of Mr. Neklyaeva to Monday, February 7, said Tamara Sidorenko:

Tamara Sidorenko

"Because he is under house arrest, but now it is for us to withdraw the question: at any moment, we can come and visit our client. Twice we visited him and contacted without whose presence, because we have the right to a free and confidential relationship. Also yesterday the interrogation of Vladimir Neklyaeva I attended and saw him. Naturally, there's nothing we have not discussed. Perhaps this week on issues that arise, we'll see you again. "

As reported by Tamara Sidorenko, it is possible that the preliminary investigation of her client will be extended for a period later for February 19.

Journalist Natalia Radin, expelled from Minsk on bail of Kobrin, meetings with investigators and local police recently has not. But do not miss the opportunity to visit the accused fellow journalists, says Natalia Radin:

Natalia Radin

"Yesterday, the journalists were from the Polish" Gazeta Wyborcza ", the day before — the activists from Brest, journalists" Brest Courier ", from Minsk journalists are going to come. Therefore, the doors do not close, the guests — great people, I am very grateful that they come. First, of course, to visit and to interview — how to live in exile Belarusian journalist. "

Natalia Radin also announced that beginning to feel worse due to weakened immunity. She became ill with influenza.

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