By the Belarusian Radio no claims to Autoradio — there

On February 11, the Supreme Economic Court will consider two lawsuits "Autoradio" — to the National Commission on Television and Radio Broadcasting and the Ministry of Information. The radio station requests to declare unlawful the Commission's decision to stop broadcasting "Autoradio" and warning the Ministry of Information. February 1 held a preparatory meeting, during which the judge accepted all the documents from the "Autoradio" and the response of the Ministry of Information to both lawsuits station.

In a letter signed by the chairman of the Republican committee Oleg Proleskovsky explained that the closure of the popular stations due to the "failure of the stated concept," as well as the spread of information on the eve of the presidential elections, "which includes public calls to extremist activity." Meant, likely, words of presidential candidate Andrei Sannikov, "the fate of the country is decided not in the kitchen, and in the square." By the way, it's a statement published and "Sovetskaya Belorussia", "Zvezda", "Narodnaya Gazeta", "Minsk Courier." In addition, the candidate appeared on state radio to the same address. General Director of "Autoradio" Yuri Bazan told of a conversation he had with representatives of the Ministry of Information:

"I say, and what you will do? Belarusian Radio will also close?" Officials from the Ministry of Justice began to look in the Media Law to protect Belarusian radio. Found! There is an article about the release of liability, because it was on the air. As the newspapers, it is not passed. I'm kidding: see above, section 52, there is one more item on the information received from the political parties, public associations. "

Lawyer, vice chairman of the BAJ Andrew Bastunets in an interview with Radio Liberty, said that giving such categorical evaluation Only the court may:

"According to the law" On Countering Extremist Activity "extremist materials can recognize only the court, and not an organ of communication. Only the court, and only after application to its Committee of State Security. And we have such a decision takes on the Republican Commission on Television and Radio."

As to the second claim of non-compliance percentages thematic areas to the total volume of broadcasting "and the competition for obtaining the frequency Yuri Bazan says:

"They're all decisions are made not on the basis of the media, and on the basis of regulations on tenders in 2003. The law was, and this provision is not edited in any way at all. That is, there sanctions against the media is much tougher than under the Act. This is one point. And the second point — "Autoradio" does not in any competition has never participated and the right to broadcast the competition did not, and still worked before the commission was formed. "

As the BAJ lawyers, the Law on Mass Media of the Republic of Belarus was adopted in 2008, and some of the provisions, regulations relating to the media, and have been approved much earlier, before still is not brought into compliance with the Law on Mass Media.

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